How I Study!

Sep 28, 2013

                 Welcome back, gorgeous viewers! I am just getting over a cold I had for about a week, so please excuse my voice in the video above if it is any different. Also, excuse my morning face! I filmed this on a morning right before dedicating my entire day to assignments and studying. I have made this video on how I study as I had previously mentioned I would in an earlier blog post. In this video, you will find that my methods are quite simple and practical. Learning is an individual tactic and what works for me might not necessarily work for you, and that is okay! Feel free to modify what I say to your liking and take the good. Here are the things I take into consideration when studying and my preferences.
  • Setting 
Find a setting that you feel will work for you. If you have no idea where to begin, start by going to different places to complete assignments or study. For example: your local library, your school library, a coffee shop, the park, your room, your backyard, etc. and see how you focus.
  • Attire
Make sure to always feel comfortable! In this video I talk about how I dress when I'm at my two most favorite study-locations!
  • Establish study time
Are you an early bird? Are you a night owl? Are you a mid-day energized champion? Discover the time in the day, if there is one or two, where you study the most comfortably and set that time.
  • Materials
Have all of your study materials at hand (obviously) lol! Neatly gathered and easy to refer to. In my video, I go into depth with what I use and how I use it. (There is also a tip for students who dislike writing in their textbook and/or aren't allowed. You can still color-code and annotate!)
I always read the chapter! This helps me immensely. In the video, I talk about what I do the first time I read through the text, and the second time I read the text. **Two helpful techniques.
  • Outline chapter
Take notes about the reading in your own words. Simplify and abbreviate to not overwhelm yourself over large portions of content.
  • Review
I always review my notes nightly leading to the day of the upcoming exam. This helps me with less cramping and a deeper understanding as I am reading the material more frequently.
  • Create a study guide
  • Print out, or (what I do) hand-write all power-point slides if that is provided by your professor.
  • Delight in your study area
In my video, I go over what I use to keep calm while studying and reduce anxiety.

*Note: Something I forgot to mention in the video, is something I have done since I was younger. Teach the material to yourself. Have you ever heard this saying, "If you can't explain it to a 9 year-old, then you don't understand it yourself." This is applicable in many aspects of life, but very useful here. Purchase a white board, and in your alone time, pretend you are the professor. You are in charge! This will give you the opportunity to see for yourself what you are struggling to comprehend in your own spoken word.

really hope this was helpful! Stay motivated and never settle for less or undermine your potential. You are capable! The capacity of the mind is endless. Hard work pays off- and you can accomplish anything you begin.

                                                          xx, Alba

Black Out

Sep 24, 2013

            Hello loves :) so it has been well over a month since I have posted anything about attire. Shame on me! The month of September is always a busy one for most and I, being that it is back to school season. I am now 5 weeks into the semester and things are going very well! I love having a lot to do because there is always something new to look forward to and something new to learn. On the 11th of this month, I turned 21 years old! That was exciting :). Also, I added some blond to my hair... particularly because of my obsession with the color gold! It's pretty close! haha. I have never had my hair any other color than black, so I am still adjusting to the change. Moreless, I am loving it!
                  If there is anything I have worn lately, more often than not, it would have to be shirts of the style reflected in these photos. They are just SO incredibly comfortable and loose which is really what I am into these days and there are many ways to transform this sporty look into a more chic one. Kanye West has shown me that you could never go wrong with some leather black jeans! haha! I have added edge to this look with my pants and pumps. I carry one of my black leather clutches which also serves as an iPad sleeve. It is very flexible and comfortable to carry. I absolutely love keeping a simple, classic, catchy look!
Thanks for viewing! God bless you, always!
xx, Alba

My first Filofax!

Sep 20, 2013

           Hey everyone! So, I decided to invest in a Filofax. I cannot believe I now own one of these beauties! Videos on YouTube really convinced me to get one and I cannot wait to get started with it. It arrived in the mail today and here is a little tour on it and a haul on some goodies I have purchased for it. I am so excited and already am looking into getting a personal size one! Enjoy!

P.S just a little shout out to everyone in the Filofax community. Really sweet, kind and helpful people. I am quite grateful for everyone I spoke with!

                                                                  xx, Alba

10 Ways To Improve Your Academic Term

Sep 6, 2013

                   Hello there, fellow viewers! Happy Friday! I have created a video on ways to have a more successful semester. Listed below are my main points and you will find that in this video I go further in depth on each one. These are tips and ideas that have worked for me. A lot of them are common sense and things that we simply forget to reinforce in our academic areas. I hope you find these concepts beneficial and I hope they will work for you as you try them. If you have any additional ones feel free to share them with me!

  •  Organize life around your priority
  •  Stay motivated and encouraged 
  •  Manage time wisely
  •  Don't take more than what is given
  •  Focus. Eliminate distractions 
  •  Dress accordingly  
  • Plan
  • Watch influences
  • Communicate with professors and use resources
  • Rest

             Also, I have a hard copy of everything I mentioned in this video and would love to E-mail you one if that is your desire. Feel free to request it. College/University is time and money and you should really make the best of it. As always, I hope peace and whatever success is to your definition comes your way. Have a great weekend and thank you for your time! May God bless abundantly.

xx, Alba

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