Planner Organization! Part Two

Nov 28, 2013

                    After much thought and contemplation, I decided to invest in a Compact Calipso Filofax. Prior to making this purchase, I was extremely skeptical of how I would feel about this organizer due to its ring size. My first Filofax, as I have previously mentioned, was a pocket size. The rings sizes are the same, but the paper size is the same as a Personal (which is my favorite).  When I ordered my first filo, I just grew obsessed with the idea of it and its potential purpose. Since I found out about this community, I have dreamt of finding a settled yellow Filofax, or a burnt orange one in Personal size. I have had no luck :(. The Calipso 2013 range has both beautiful colors I have always wanted, but not particularly in the size of my preference. (If they ever came out with a Personal Calipso with the colors out for this year, it would be over for me. Haha!) But then I thought, if I find a specific use for it and do not jam pack it with paper, it would work in my benefit, and I could have an organizer in a much wanted and rare color! So I went for it with the idea of using it as an overall agenda recording my daily activities, personal "me" stuff (which I will discuss in a bit), and a project management organizer.
          The growth in my blog was what sparked the light in my brain. In my previous post, I discussed how busy I am these days, but I do not want to neglect my blog or my potential growth as a creative being. I want to keep everything organized to the tip, and plan future posts and videos. I want to make an impact in the world, and I want to do that through whatever channel I have. I have been touched by several E-mails I have received in the last few weeks, and it really pushes me to make me a better me. I am blessed with a lot to do, and do not want to take that and turn it into an excuse for my absence on my blog or a silence in my voice. With that being said... let us target the point :)

                                About My Compact Calipso in Solar Yellow
Dairy Calendar
              In this section, I will more throughly record my daily activities, how and where I spend my hours, any little memory I wish to jot down. Along with:

  • Incoming mail
  • Outgoing mail
  • E-mails
  • Blog Views
  • Blog Stats
  • Blog Audience Feed
  • Blog Release Post Dates
  • & more....
        If there is one feeling I seek to feel everyday, that is to be inspired. When someone is inspired to create, or to be, they are unstoppable. I have designated a tab for inspiration because I believe it is supremely important to be positively encouraged and motivated in our lives. We have one chance at a life in this earth. I am 21 years old... God willing, I will have maybe 60 or 70 more years on this planet. I need to make the most out of every minute I spend. I need to have a memorable life. I do not want to leave Earth knowing there is something I was too afraid to attempt. We need to not be afraid to just go, to just do it, to forget about the peoples judgement. Daily, I am inspired to be, to become, and to progress. I could only hope to inspire you, too. 
  • Bible Verses
  • Bible Study Track Sheet
  • Quotes
  • Movies
  • Books
  • A Life
  • The Internet
Prayer A Day
         As I was writing this post on paper, I came to the conclusion that it is best if I do a set-up video because some parts are more understandable shown than said, for example, this area. Basically, I have inserts from a planner I purchased branded from Barnes & Noble called "Punctuate" ...I knew I wasn't going to use it, but instead take it apart to serve me better through my Filofax. I use the Punctuate Calendar Dairy pages to write out a prayer per day. Pretty neat, huh? Its simple, short, and to the point. I have an entire Prayer Binder (which I know some of my followers want me to go into depth about, and I will.) But this was just a more easy way for me to carry it with me. A simple prayer can go a long way. I keep about a month at a time in my Filofax due to the limited space. I file away filled months.

Monthly Goals
            The Punctuate planner brings these great "Monthly Event" pages, where it has the month calendar and several lines underneath it to jot down monthly events. To be honest... my life isn't that eventful. It really just consist of a demanding school and work schedule. I don't go out much, but don't panic! I love my life this way. So I tweaked this idea, and make it Monthly Goals. Genius! haha! Now, I have an at-a-glance goal section with sheets pertaining to the month, and the days and dates written out right above! (This might be confusing to visualize, I hope not, but video coming soon!) 

Alba's Universe
             Ha! The idea behind it all... my blog!!! This is where I will include:
  • Potential Post
  • Blogging Ideas
  • YouTube Video Ideas
  • Drafts
  • & more.
Social Network
            I cannot emphasize enough how much I love finding creative and inspirational beings on all social networks I am active in. When I come across a blog, or profile, or account, that inspired my creativity in one way or another, I make sure to jot them down here and reference back to see or find any updated information they may have.  
  • Instagram
  • Instgram Hashtags
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
**Feel free to follow me on those accounts :) I have them because I love them! On the upper right side of my blog, you can click on the titles, and they all have the direct links to the corresponding profiles.

         I have recently started pen-pal'ing, and it is the sweetest things ever! I am a lover of handwriting and letters, and I am unsure of why it took me so long to start this. I was inspired by several girls on Instagram. There is an amazing snail mail community (IG Hashtag #snailmail), and I could not help but to want to be a part of it. If you are interested in having me as your pen-pal, you can E-mail me at and we can exchange information! In this section I include the obvious:
  • Track of pen-pal friends
  • Mailing Address
  • E-mail Address (for back up contact)
  • IG/Blog they may have
Future Tab; Apartment
          In the very near future, I am going to start looking for my first apartment. I will need to be very organized and wise in this particular aspect of my life. This section will include
  • Places Visited
  • Dates Visited
  • Prices
  • Likes & Dislikes
  • Decor Ideas
  • Wish List 
  • Misc. Info 

And that is all for my Calipso Filofax! For now at least :P. And of course, the absolute and funnest part about planning for me is making it a fun and pretty thing to look at! Filofax goodies drive me crazy! I shop for them at least once a week. Stickers, sticky notes, tabs, paper, pens, etc! I love it. Personalization is everything! I hope you have been entertained and inspired by this two-part post. If you choose the Filofax route... fair warning: IT IS ADDICTED (personally, I have purchased 3 in one single season), and a very expensive investment. The Filofax community, however, is so fun! Everyone is so generous and supportive. I am always exploring new ways to enhance my organization, and needless to say, I do not feel so crazy about my stationery obsession when I know that I am not alone!

                                           Top close-up / Top side view
                  My Filofaxes along their friends moleskin notebook & 5 year journal
                                                  Week at a glance
                                Some paper I hole punch into my Filo & Sticky Notes
Cute little tabs & stickies
Some stickers to color code
My amazing personal and pocket size hole puncher, and my shameless collection of Washi Tape!
Oh, and this is a little irrelevant to this post, but I got bangs! :P
Thanks sooo much for reading! God Bless You!
xx, Alba

Planner Organization! Part One

Nov 27, 2013

             Wow! Wow! Wow! Please forgive me for my absence, as I have been very, very busy this last month. I am eternally grateful for the increase in my views even with the fact that I have been away. When I noticed a month flew by without a post, I felt so guilty and sorry :(. I deeply apologize. As some of you may already know, I recently got a new job, and I successfully completed the training. The training was a four week period, and I finished it in three! (Yay!) So I am employed again, and still attending school full time. My schedule can get quite demanding, but I do not want to say, "I do not have time to blog." As much as I find myself in a crunch, there is always time for everything under the sun with good time-management! I am glad to bring you this two-part post on my organization methods.
                So after catching myself as busy as I was, with classes to assist, assignments to get done, exams to study for, a job to attend, money to save and spend, a blog and a YouTube channel to keep up with, an audience to entertain, inspiration to seek, a personal life to enjoy, I found it incredibly essential to use the tools I had to my advantage, and be very wise and particular with my time. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, you know that I LOVE stationery, planning, and anything Filofax-related!
              I decided to come back and share how I am using my planners to get me through the days successfully and fulfilled. There's no greater satisfaction than having something that has to get done- be done! I really crave for this feeling of decent, guilty free satisfaction to be planted within me in all areas of my life. I am so thankful I'm busy! I really love not only feeling, but actually being productive. However, I am more fond of my business when it is accomplished in an orderly fashion.
            I am excited to introduce to you how I am using my Pocket Filofax as a wallet and an on-the-go agenda. I cannot wait to debrief its purpose in depth with you, and I hope to inspire areas of your life through organizing! The second part of this post will be about my daily, personal, and project management agenda! Cannot WAIT to share that one with you!

                                    About My Pocket Chameleon Filofax
          As I previously mentioned, this is a full on-the-go planner agenda wallet. It keeps track of my immediate to do/ to buy lists. It tracks my finances, personal errands, work related tasks, minimal school information, and more.

        In my dairy calendar, I track daily financial activities and other personal occurences. Since the pocket size week on two pages has a rather small writing space, I keep short and to-the-point information.
     For example:
  • Appointments
  • Meetings
  • Scheduled work times
  • Pay days
  • Payment deadlines 
  • Class times
  • Exam times
  • Workshop times
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Personal time (nail appt., hair appt., massage., etc.)
As far as spending goes, I keep track of any money spent on:
  • Gas 
  • Food 
  • Bills 
  • Phone 
  • Car insurance  
  • Whatever else I have going on. 

         In this insert, I have a sheet with my schedule on it for any reference, and to also see any opening I may have if I ever want to swap a shift, or anything of that nature. This allows me to have a glance at my time at work. I also record the amount of pay per check, as my pay is consistent throughout the week, but increases during weekends. In this section, I include the following:
  • Agent ID
  • Employee number 
  • Login and Passwords 
  • Specific door codes (in case I forget my badge)
  • Raise periods
  • Benefits status 
  • Notices
  • Extra paper for notes on any meeting 
  • Monitor Reviews 

        This upcoming semester, I am paying for college out of pocket. I have enrolled in an online payment system.
  •  A sheet tracking down payment due dates
  • Any billing information (books, supplies, etc.) 
  • Record of percent of money saved per pay priod
  • MacBook Pro (I am saving for one, so I have a list of the amount of money I set aside for it until I meet my goal.)

        Quick ideas get jotted down in this section, such as;
  • To Do
  • To Buy
  • Resourceful Information
  • Miscellaneous Information 
**My immediate to do/to buy list (which is most likely an errand to be completed on the day of) will always be on my dashboard (which is on a flyleaf and visible as soon as you open the agenda, and my weekly to do/to buy will be posted upon my ruler/page marker on the week pertaining to the duties. 

          I have a separate planner for school-related takes only. One which I extremely love, and has been the most functional planner I have ever purchased (besides Filofax) for an AMAZING price (under $11). It is the greenroom brand, which may be purchased at your local Target. That has all of my detailed class and college information. However, in this Filofax, I do keep record of minimal significant information (such as listed in my dairy calendar section), just so I don't miss anything. Here, I include
  • Graduation plan
  • A list of classes and professors for upcoming semesters, so that when registration time comes by (which comes faster than we anticipate), I am timely, and not all over the place. 
  • Final course grades.
**I am debating whether or not I should move the information in this tab to my other Filofax (the one I will post about next) ;)

In The Pockets
  • Debit Card
  • License
  • College Identification Card
  • Public Library Card
  • College Library Printing Card
  • Starbucks Gold Member Card
  • Rewards Cards (Ulta, CVS, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  • Giftcard 
  • Underneath the pockets for my cards, I have space to fold in and keep any current coupons I may wish to use. Anything from a local store, to fast food. (Saving money is awesome!) 
  • I have an envelope with decor stickers, and color-coding stickers for my calendar. 
  • And the obvious, money, and receipts! I usually keep receipts for about 2 weeks, and then file them away.  
           And that concludes my part one on my Planner Organization- my on-the-go wallet/agenda! It is working really well for me, and I have considered making a video to visually show it to my audience. I know how heavily anticipated set-up videos are in the Filofax community! There is just so much private information on there... but we shall see :). If you are interested on seeing what this Filofax looks like, I do have a video on my YouTube channel of when I first got it. (It was my first Filofax!)
           As you can see, this post was quite long. (I secretly hope it has made up for my time gone, haha!) But that is why I have decided to make it a Two-Part post! I will be back with the second part soon.

Thanks for viewing! Get inspired!
xx, Alba
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