Happy End of the Year!

Dec 31, 2013

                 HAPPY END OF THE NEW YEAR!!! 2013 has been such a year of experience and growth for me. I could not be happier to move on. I have learned so much about myself and who I am becoming. I love time because time is infinite. Of course we have our measures and limits in our days, but looking at time as a whole its existence goes on forever. We need those limited periods like 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 28-31 days in a month, 365 days in a year, 10 years in a decade, 100 years in a century, etc., to simply add structure to our lives. 
              I believe one of the greatest things I have learned this year was to take negative occurrences as blessings (Romans 8:28). I am so thankful for"bad" times, because they really helped me build the attitude I carry today. Needless to say, I have a list of things I would like to improve this upcoming year! Some of them, however, will take several years to improve (realistically speaking), but I love knowing that I am aware of unhealthy habits and mind-sets. I pray I wake up to feeling God's unconditional grace upon my wrongdoings and I pray that it is never too late to change and improve in His name.  
       This holiday in Orlando, FL., the weather remains with cool and still air. I wanted to enter the new year feeling glowy and refreshed and that is exactly what I went for in my outfit! I am obsessed with these off white faux leather shorts...(leather is one love I am carrying with me into 2014, haha!) and this sequin crop top. I was bold in matching these two textures! I paired this with olive green suede booties! 
        My jewelry game is as simple as ever. I am wearing my absolute favorite watch, The Time Teller from Nixon in all gold, my diamond earrings, my infinity gold-diamond band ring from my relationship, and two other gold rings and gold bracelet. My nails are as red as a cherry, and my lips are matte red. My hair is obviously back to black :) I am working on restoring its health, and decided I like bangs a solid color- not with highlights! I would consider going light again if I was guaranteed no damage- but that is unheard of, lol, so for now, all black it is and all black it will be!       
           Wishing you a very happy new year and many blessings!

          Thank you so much for your love and support.
                                xx, Alba 

Kate Spade "Filofax" Set-Up!

Dec 30, 2013

          Hello, world! How are you today!? I am hoping you are having a fantastic beginning of the week and end of the year. I have been working really hard these last few weeks and have been blessed with 3 consecutive days off right before starting the new year. I get to rest, have coffee, and reflect on this past year and how good it has been to me. I have learned so much about myself. Growing up has really been a wonderful experience for me, and all that I have to look forward to really keeps me going. I am anticipating 2014 and all of the things God has in store for me. I pray God blesses you abundantly in love, peace, and joy. Everything else is secondary.
          After my organizational posts, so many people have requested that I show my Kate Spade agenda and how I have been using it. I grew exceedingly excited to receive this in the mail and personalize it. I look forward to sharing more photos of my weeks since I feel I have found the perfect planner! I wanted to make this video short... but I guess that'll just never happen with me :( I apologize for two things ahead of time: the length, and the quality. This was filmed on an older MacBook Pro, and I promise I am investing in excellent equipment to keep up with my blog and videos for 2014. I am nonetheless excited! The video is a simple run-through of my plans and my pages. I also show my current obsession when it comes to decor :) Much more to come! I might just do a written out detailed description like I did on my Filofaxes... who knows! :) **Oh, and in this video I shout out a very special person I met through social media, Alondra Karwowski. She is someone who has served me endless inspiration. She is also responsible for a reasonable percentage of my Filofax obsession, haha! Xo

Here's a quick little blueprint for success to start off your year a little stronger. Write it down and remind yourself of the little things... later in life they somehow develop into the greater things!

Believe    while others are doubting
Plan         while others are playing
Study       while others are sleeping
Decide     while others are delaying
Prepare    while others are daydreaming
Begin      while others are procrastinating
Work       while others are wishing
Save        while others are wasting
Listen      while others are talking
Smile       while others are pouting
Commend while others are criticizing
Persist     while others are quitting


Don't You Know Me?

Dec 2, 2013

        I cannot get over how great of a match mauve and burgundy make! It's December... and I can dress this way! Florida never knows what it wants, but for now, I am fine with it :). Today was one of the brightest, breeziest days in a while. When I stepped out of class, I had to shoot for the blog! In all of my classes, I am reviewing for finals which are coming for me next week. The semester flew by, and I am so proud of myself for finishing strong! 
       I like to be as comfortable as possible during these times. My leather boots and an oversized loose-fit tank is just the way to go! These distressed shorts are becoming one of my favs. They just fit so comfortably! I added the blazer to give my dark lips a pop! Is it hot? Is it cold? It is the perfect in between. I am photographed here with my school bag, with and without my blazer, and with a compact cross purse that fits just my essentials if I feel like grabbing a bite or something after class.
         I am going to keep the writing short here, due to the overload in my last couple posts. I don't want to overwhelm my viewers! hahah! Each day I am reminded of how blessed I am, and how starting this blog has made me so happy. Every comment I get on how I am inspiring someone, or on how much they love it really gets my heart pumping, and the joy is infinite. God bless you, and thanks for your interest and support!

                                 Much, much love! xx, Alba
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