Simply Peach

Mar 31, 2014

Can you believe it is the last day of March!? It has been a great month for me and I must say I am incredibly proud of myself for how consistent I was with the blog :). My new work schedule is really allowing me to be more productive with my personal time and I am so grateful for that. 

Today is hotter than I would like it to be and I am afraid I'm unprepared for the heat the summer is to bring (worried face). A white blazer is an essential item for me in Spring and Summer. It adds so much freshness to the look and I love how it simplifies as well as it enhances elegance. I am going to do more than one post with this blazer so brace yourselves! It just goes with anything! I barely ever wear tight denim, but decided to here since both top pieces were loose. I always try to have some sort of accent color in my attire, and the red-orange pumps did it for me again adding the precise pop of color I wanted for this simple wear. 

Thank you for keeping up with me and my spontaneous posts! I am so excited for whats to come.
See you soon!
xx, alba

Updated Spring 2014 Kate Spade

Mar 24, 2014

I am loving my Kate Spade zipped agenda and am using it more than ever with the new sections I have added! I have made some adjustments since my last set-up tour. I hope you enjoy! I love how personal this is and I am very comfortable with this "over-all" sort of planning and listing tool. The Sugar Paper LA supplies mentioned in this video is what I use to keep track of Alba's Universe (blog & channel). If requested, I can go into detail about that! :)

Thanks for watching!

xx, Alba

Midori Traveler's Notebook

Mar 22, 2014

                 It took me a few videos from amazing YouTubers to give into this purchase. For a long time, I did not even bother debating whether to get it or not because I have been so invested in Filofax and it was hard for me to come up with a use for it. The Midori Traveler's Notebook or MTN is a simple leather cover with notebook inserts placed inside which are held by elastic bands. Initially, the sounded a little complicated to me. As I watched YouTube set-up videos; one after the other, I was left amazed. It was crazy to me that people had not one negative thing to say about this little creation and it seemed to bring people a lot of happiness! 
                 I went for it and my anticipation to receive it and feel it burned more with every passing hour in my day. It took about 5 days to get to me, so in those 5 days I thought about how I could utilize this. Some people have it as a planner, others have it as a wallet. Many people journal, watercolor, bullet-journal; the creations are infinite. I loved how people had a working purpose for it in their lives. I knew I did not want it as a planner, particularly because my Kate Spade is working perfectly for me as just that. In my Kate Spade, I also have a section of notes and lists. I was very tempted to move that into here, but in the end, did not because I am loving the rings in my K.S to move things around. I also knew I did not want it as a wallet. I am using my pocket Filofax Malden in ochre as one and I could not be more satisfied. 
                  I knew I wanted to watercolor, doodle, and "smash" on-the-go (I'll explain in a bit). The idea of all of this being in one compact place completely intrigued me. The MTN originally comes with a notebook with blank pages. That is what I will use this particular one for. Anything and everything I want to squish in there- from a movie ticket, to festival tickets, to a wrapper from a yummy chocolate I tried, to a receipt from a local coffee shop or restaurant. I would date it and write a small reflection regarding my experience. I will use washi-tape all over and hope for it to be a collage of things and circumstances that have brought me joy over time. 
                 I purchased a lined-paper notebook as well and I am really excited about my idea with this one! These days, I am reading more than I ever have before. Books, blogs, articles, news... I am always reading something with the intention to learn. I am always observing and analyzing. I like to be present and mindful. In the middle of me reading something, I tend to pause and jot down a note of what I have processed on a random paper or sticky note and more often than not, I misplace it. There are tons or little notes scattered all over my desk and my room, and some times its overwhelming. I thought I could use this as a learning log. I want to document what I am learning and this will also enhance my thinking and reflective process.
          When I held this in my hands it really changed everything for me at once! It feels amazing and I could only imagine what it would feel and look like once it is broken in. The material is suppose to improve with time and I am really looking forward to that. I am a memory keeper. I want to be 58 years of age and look back at my mind when it was 21. I only have one life here on earth, and my intention is to live it and appreciate every coming day with every detail pertaining to it. I could appreciate myself a bit more and I am hopeful this documenting system will help me accomplish that.

        Thank you for keeping up with me. I am excited to share more of this project with you just as I share my planning systems. I have met so many generous people in the Filofax community and cannot contain the excitement over the new bonds I am sure I will create in the Midori family. I will make a video-post soon to show how I've broken into it! Love always- and may you find light even in your darkest days.
                                                    xx, alba


My Bible Study & Prayer Binder/ Bibles/ Notebooks! VIDEO

Mar 18, 2014

Hi, folks! Here is a visual presentation of my Bible Study & Prayer Binder along with the notebooks I use for my devotional and other studies and my current preferred study Bibles. I briefly went through the Binder just because the post that I have explaining the sections are so detailed. I hope this has been of much help to those who asked and if there are any further questions feel free to E-mail me at! I will respond :)

Thanks for watching!


Bible Study & Prayer Binder

Mar 11, 2014

I am so grateful I can finally sit down and share with you this very anticipated post about my Bible Study & Prayer Binder set up. Although this is for me, I hope it serves you a purpose as well as good use and maybe you can get started with something new. As my relationship with Christ changes, so may this binder. Sections are subject to change, and if so, I will share any changes and adjustments I make to this form of study if it improves my learning experience and time with God.

  1. Misc. lists
  2. Prayer
  3. Bible class
  4. Current Read 
  5. mustardseedfe
Misc. Lists
  • Verse memorization
  • Worship songs
  • Bible Study plan
  • Color coding system 
  • To Read
  • Blogs & Sites
          Prayer was what initially inspired me to create this binder. I was seeking to develop a writing system of prayers to God since that stands as one of my favorite forms of communication. I had a lot of space to fill, so I decided I would incorporate other sections in the binder itself to easily access everything relating to each other with one item. Within this section, I separate everything I pray for such as:
  • Family
  • Relationship
  • School
  • Job
  • Self
  • Gratitude
  • Country/World
  • Current Events
  • Worries
  • Prayer Requests
Prayer is a huge aspect of our relationship with God because that is how we communicate with Him. Prayer is also a form of worship and you can pray in your own way. Personally, for me, when I became a Christian voicing my prayers was a little awkward. I just struggled to fathom who I was speaking to and who was listening to me... He who holds the universe in the palm of His hand. It is almost difficult to believe. I feel a little more comfortable now praying out loud, and highly believe in the power of the tongue, but still prefer to write out my Prayers... they just make more sense to me when I do. 
And a little friendly reminder: even if you cannot utter the words to God, the Spirit still intercedes through our wordless groans (Roman 8:26) 

Bible Class
        I recently started a new Bible class through my church and am so excited for what God has in store. The book we are studying is called, "Fundamentals of Faith" and we will learn to dissect the Word and life of Jesus Christ. The class runs about 21 weeks, every Monday night. I could not be happier about this! I prayed for one I could join for such a long time and it is finally here. This section in my binder is dedicated to my notes and studies regarding the class and the book. 

Current Read
         I am always reading a book! I enjoy reading to learn more than I enjoy reading for entertainment. With that being said, I usually have a notebook or journal with any book that would require note-taking and help the self. I am currently reading the Power of a Praying Life series by Stormie Omartian. I have switched it up a little and instead of keeping a notebook for it, I simply added the tab in my binder. I like getting engaged with the content by actively annotating, highlighting, and noting the text. I love documenting my learning experience and referencing back! I enjoy reading books with depth to their study.

         Have you read the blog post right before this one? If you have not, please do so and you will have a better understanding about what #mustardseedfe is. In this section, I document all of the feed I want to share publicly through the hashtag. All of my ideas for this section of the blog are drafted here. Also, I will be doing steady biblical research and that for me, consists of a lot of scribbling back and forth. 
        I have extra bits and pieces in that back of the binder such as loose leaf paper. I use notebooks for my sermon notes and devotional. If you are familiar with the Rifle Paper Co stationery shop (my favorite) I use their botanical notebook collection for the devotions. Devotionals are pretty consistent in their material and usually are based of a reflection and meditation of a Bible verse with a specific topic and brief summary. For my sermon notes, I am currently using a notebook that was a surprise gift to me by the beautiful, sweet Alondra Karwowski. It is just about the same as my Rifle Paper material except it is black and the floral print also contain different colors. A total dream! 
        I wish these materials never get discontinued because they are all truly my favorites. The reason I take on notebooks for these is because my sermon notes, for example, is taken with me to church. It is much less weight to carry the notebook versus the binder. Plus, the binder is always home on my desk and really only travels with me to the coffee shop if I feel like working on content there.

In My Zip Pocket 
  • stickers
  • tabs
  • sticky notes
  • Project Life cards for quick notes
My Color-Coding System
          I use colored-pencils a lot throughout my books and Bible because they are affordable, gentle, and do not bleed-through. I usually underline the passage message and relate it to the colors listed below. This makes my understanding of the content a lot easier and helps me easier memorize what the book or chapter is consisting of.
  • General Info
  • Encouragement 
  • Promise
  • Prayer
  • Growth/Faith
  • Healing/Renewal
  • Remember
  • Work On
  • God/Jesus
  • Sin/Evil

There it is! I would absolutely love it if you feel inspired to create one of your own with your personal adjustments! You don't need anything fancy. I have a medium size binder, dividers, and paper. I use colored pencils to color-code and the rest is materials I use for my Filofax which are throughout this blog and on my YouTube channel. As detailed as this post was, if you have any question at all please feel free to contact me! 
If requested, I will tour the binder in a video for visual purposes of how it comes together! :) 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this has blessed you. Till next time! xx, Alba



Pretty in Pink

Mar 4, 2014

            As most of you know, I started my blog late summer of 2013. I shared a lot about how excited I was for autumn and winter. Especially because those seasons hold my ideal temperatures here in Florida. I prefer cool over warm air. I really dislike extreme temperatures and cannot imagine living up north again and waking up to shovel snow. Just as much as I do not like freezing temperatures, I really do not like hot days consisting of 80 degrees or higher. Most people love summer weather, but heat puts me in a terrible mood and I barely leave my house during heated months. (Yay for the comfort of central air!) I remember as a child I would really look forward to summer months because that meant being outside in minimum attire, being super proactive, and not hearing my super protective family talk about sickness all the time (lol). Growing up in the North East, the winters seemed to be endless. Spring and summer were but a spec of dust that came and left before we knew it. 
            Observing the symbolism of seasons prompts dynamic shifts. I always loved the symbolism of Spring and the scenery it showed off after long days of bold, bare, white winters. In spring, I saw renewal of life every where I looked; and despite my serious allergies to pollen and most flowers, it was (and still is) always a pleasure to see them bloom. I'd have to say my favorite season is fall. Fall signifies to me calming down and letting go. Cool, sunny, dreamy breeze in my favorite. Throughout writing these sentences... I have concluded something: I dislike when temperatures threaten my comfort! Haha. 
            I pray this new season brings new ideas, new adjustments, new hobbies, easy transitions, and eternal hope for the good things awaiting you. I hope you all plant seeds of growth and nurture your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical state. What are you excited for this new season? Lately I have really been into colors like never before. I have always been a neutral kind of girl. This last month or so I have been obsessing over different shades of mustard yellow, tangerine, mauve, coral, and sage. Extremely rare for a person who always prefers nude, black, or white. I am excited to see the colors of earth standout as nature takes its course. 
            The outfit in this post is just as good for a breezy, sunny day as the attire in my previous post. (The one in my previous post is my ultimate fav!) I paired this extremely refreshing white crop top with these black high-waist shorts and could seriously go on forever about how gratifying this loose-fit is for me. The baby-pink lengthy blazer presented in these photos is the softest, most gentle material ever with the most adorable details; like the trimmings and the buttons. The black and white sandal pumps add a glimpse of class and I could never emphasize enough how essential shades are in the Sunshine State! 
                      Much love to all! Thanks for viewing!
                                    xx, Alba

Royal Spring

Mar 3, 2014

           Hello, everyone!!! Happy March! I am so excited to be back! I finished one of my hardest classes last week. I am so relieved and so glad I can dedicate all those study hours to my blog and ideas. I was in an H1 class which means all of the material is compressed in an 8 week period instead of a full (normal) 16 week term. The class started in January, and as you can see, I blogged the very minimum and nothing at all in February. I felt very sorry every time the sun went down because I felt I was letting others down. Consistency is key and I'm afraid I have not been as consistent as I should. With that being said, I am also a full time employee and I started attending the gym last month. My schedule got pretty overwhelming at one point... my days would start a 5:00 am and not end until midnight! Crazy, right? I am not sure what I was thinking... I guess I am not superwoman after all. I do, however, have wonderful news! I changed my schedule around at work with a new position I started this month (yay!) and this new adjustment will leave me with much more time in the evenings :) Also, since I finished that ridiculously hard class, that's one class out of the way for the rest of the term. Yay!!! 
           Update... Although I have been tired, and very busy, I have kept all of my New Years resolutions so far. I finished a book on finances that I blogged about in my 2014 goals post, I bought my MacBook Pro (YAY!), I am still saving for my Canon, I am continuing my 5-Year daily Q&A journal, I am keeping up with my "2014 Good Things" jar, and am continuously developing new ideas for Alba's Universe :). I am working on a new project I will hopefully expose to you all soon. <3
             ....On to the ootd! Orlando, Florida has had the most dreamy weather lately. I seriously just want to go out and have lunch outside all the time! The faux leather shorts in this photo are among my favorites, and if I could wear this royal blue sweater everyday... I would! I love the pop of color with the red-orange pumps. It always throws people off, haha! This outfit was so incredibly comfortable and chic. I have been wearing my hair in soft, loose waves lately. I use to style my hair this way a lot when it was much longer and I am trying it again at this length. I am the happiest with my hair when it is clean, soft, and voluminous! Enjoy Xo

                              Thanks for catching up! Until next time!
                                                         xx, Alba
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