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May 12, 2014

Welcome back! I hope you've all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

I am excited to share some of my Midori Traveler's Notebook progress! You can check out my blog post on it to read about my intentions in more detail. I am loving this journal so much. It is the easiest thing to carry around, and the best part of it is that filling it up isn't overwhelming because it has just the right amount of space to briefly document snippets of life.

I have always felt writing was imperative to ones internal growth. Life happens and it happens fast! Writing helps us to keep up and not miss out. It encourages us to connect further with our values, visions, and goals. It expands our horizons and it surely does transform us. It has the potential to improve our mental clarity and our focus. If I could encourage anyone to do one or two things... it would be to pray and to write. Write with no pressure. Write for yourself. Drown in self-discovery. Log your wins, losses, struggles, joys, frustrations. I really believe writing can change a persons way of understanding. Pursue intellectual growth and you will find yourself in tuned with such things you might have never been in contact with before. It is never too late to start.

Here is a brief show-through of how I am breaking into my Midori journal.


Malden Pocket Filofax

May 6, 2014

The pocket Malden is really growing on me. In the video below, I try to explain why I was never really attracted to having it in my collection, but now that I've given it a try, I love it so much and am so happy to be using it. It feels spectacular and I think its been my favorite wallet to date. The video is for requested visual purposes, but this post is a neater to-the-point description of my sections and what it is keeping record of at the moment. Enjoy! xx

  • Debit card
  • Starbucks member card
  • License
  • School i.d
  • Health ins. card

  1. Notes 
  • to buy
  • financial goals
  • 2014 pay dates
  • misc notes (check out in video)
  • to do list 
     2. Monthly 
For my inserts, I am using Piaric paper (which I absolutely love) and in this section, I have a month view on 2 pages and it is where I am attempting a color-coding system for my spendings throughout the month. I usually write with my pilot gel pens G-2 07 (my favorite). Since the squares are tiny I had to come up with a system where I can see at a glance where my money is going and what is coming up. I decided to simply draw arrows and relate each color to something (this is better demonstrated in the video) and in my weekly inserts I write in detail what it was that I was signifying with that particular in the month at a glance. My colors are as follow
attn (attention; any unexpected payment that came up in the month and requires immediate attention)
bills (monthly dues i.e gym, phone, car insurance, health insurance, etc.)
pay day (every other Friday, its just specified so that I have the month at a glance view)
personal ( nails, hair, gifts, clothes, appointments, etc)
ent ( entertainment; going out, eating out, spending on fun stuff )

   3. To Do
I have a week on two pages (from Piaric) with further details on everything I color-coded in my month at a glance. Notes on any financial movement is tracked here. 

   4. Apartment 
This section is not labeled in this Filofax because I'm not sure if it will stay in here or if eventually I'll want it in my personal size, but for now it is housing all of my future apartment details. I plan on tracking informative notes on:
  • places & prices
  • savings
  • deposits
  • utilities cover
  • decor ideas
  • necessities
Currently have lists of:
  • wants  
  • stores to shop 
  • "already have"
   5. Misc.

  • extra paper 
  • coupons
  • rewards cards
  • envelope with bits & pieces of notes, stickers, tabs, movie tickets
  • a small folder with recent recipes 
I hope you've enjoyed, and I hope I've inspired you in one way or another to keep your finances organized. This system has helped me a lot because it is a visual for me to see where all of my earnings are going. I take this everywhere with me because it is my wallet :). It is my little companion and it makes me really happy!


Thanks for watching! See you soon! xx, alba

Yellow Original Filofax Set-up

May 3, 2014

        I cannot get enough of the color yellow this season! This new-found obsession encouraged me to purchase a yellow organizer for this spring and upcoming summer 2014. My coral Kate Spade is perfect, but I found this unique Filo for sale and had to get it! In the past, I was never really crazy about the Original selection, but I have learned to love its simplicity. They are now discontinued, so I didn't want to miss this chance and for months to pass without me finding one again. In the video below, I take you through a brief tour of the sections, although it does not differ much from my Kate Spade set-up. Ultimately, I decided to share a video because people were interested in the visuals!
           Diary week at a glance
When you open the planner, I have a Kate Spade bow clip gifted to me by my amazing friend, Lola Karwowski, a pen from Target and my dashboard- where I keep running to-do & to-buy lists on sticky notes. These are disposable and just for quick glances when I am out and about. I have 5 sections filled with useful information I refer to almost daily.

  1. Notes 
The majority of my notes consist of lists
  • long term wish list 
  • long term to-do's
  • 2014 pay dates (has a tab for quicker reference)
  • room ideas
  • books to read/reread
  • pocket notebook ideas
  • pen pal tag questions
  • make-up list
  • pocket malden set-up notes
  • apartment notes
  • wedding notes
  • names I love
    -Inspiration tab within my notes
  • 8 ways to keep inspired & creative
  • quotes
  • Bible versus
  • blog reflections
  • a blueprint for success
      2. Social Media
  • Instagram # I love to keep up with
  • Pinterest accounts I love
  • YouTube channels I love
  • Blogger profiles I love
     -Alba's Universe tab within social media
  • blogging tips
  • post record
  • ideas & long-term blog goals
  • notes on potential posts
  • looks for the blog
  • video ideas
  • mustardseedfe ideas
      3. To Do 
  • monthly goals (has a tab for quicker reference)
  • bullet journal key (has a tab for quicker reference)
  • notes on future plans/trips
  • week on 2 pages with daily "must" to-do's 
  • Filofax ruler/page marker pertaining to the week
     4. Diary 
  • decorated pages involving the activities that actually went through from my "to-do" section (I archive this information and keep it for memory
  • Kate Spade ruler/page marker in current week
     5. Misc.
  • extra paper for notes
  • misc. references
  • loading envelop with random tiny notes, movie tickets, washi tape, stickers, tabs
              back view
          top view

Yellow Personal Original Filofax Set-up Video

Thanks for watching! See you soon! xx, alba

April Pins

May 2, 2014

Welcome back! I decided to kick off the monthly series of pin posts today by collecting a few from last month :). I was anxious to start since this idea was fresh in mind. In my first little collage, I gathered some pieces from boards that reflect my dressing style. 
  • I love the contrast of color in the royal blue and nude flats! I love wearing flats like this with boyfriend jeans for a comfy day-out. For me, anything with a defined tip will do!
  • Loosely-fit leather pants & a basic tee is but a dream. I would wear this look to a night out on a casual date or a fun meet with close ones. 
  • I know it is pretty much summer... but for some reason I am (and will always be) attracted to the elegance that accompanies long coats and cozy wears. The sneakers in this look really switched up the style and I appreciated that.
  • You will find that I am a person who loves to point out and enhance the simplest details. I would love (and am working on) an all-white closet with gold hangers!
  • Lunch bag leather clutch? Maybe so! 

In the following collage, I am sharing some stationery & sweets love. 
  • The art instruction botanical collection of notebooks are some of my absolutely favorites for Bible study and journal keeping. 
  • I love the little brass arrow push-pins and wish I had them for my vision board. (I am really one who pursues detail) 
  • I am craving sweets- more often than not and I have a weakness for rice krispies treats!
  • I love flowers! It is so refreshing to have a neat space with a floral spread. I look forward to having a variety of plants in my apartment, and hopefully a beautiful garden one day in a home that I am able to call my own.

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by! You can see more or follow me on Pinterest here! Till next time, loves!
xx, alba


Pins of the Month!

May 1, 2014

         It's no secret that I absolutely love Pinterest. I am going to start this new thing where every month I choose a few pins (photos) from my boards and share them on my blog. I will write about why I like them or how they inspire me. It might be a random 3, or 5 pertaining to a particular theme (i.e style, DIY, travel, stationery, etc.) or simply one photo that captures my attention and I want to write a reflection on it. (i.e something that inspires a future wedding vision, family event, or simply a quote)
           I love when I find sites that inevitably reflect who I am. This is especially true with my Tumblr , which I like to call a vast collection of photos in which I see pieces of myself in. I am quite selective with what I post and 95% of the photos have some personal meaning. Pinterest, however, differs in its own way because it is more of a gathered visual representation (versus a spontaneous spread) of my desires, aspirations, and personal applications organized by a specific theme or topic according to the "board". You can check out my profile and see what I mean there. Marinating through this site is so simple yet quite impactful.
          I am constantly seeking to be inspired and keep my creativity active. Pinterest has encouraged my being and I am nonetheless excited to share with you its ways. I hope that through these monthly posts you are able to get to know me a little better, along with my interests and ideas. I am grateful I am able to document this publicly, and hope to inspire you as well. The posts will come around near the end of the month (hopefully) and the objective is to take further note of the things I am fond of and also engage with my readers. Thanks for reading! <3 Stay tuned!
xx, alba
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