Back to School

Aug 25, 2014

            I am so excited about today and about experiencing school in a different way: pregnant. All summer I thought I had made up my mind about taking the 2014-2015 school year off because during the course of the Fall term I will just be getting bigger and during the beginning of the Spring term I am due. After reading through several of my journal entries, I realized I was more so afraid of tolerating the possible misconceptions and thoughts that would be perceived about me. 
          The fact that this little scare subconsciously held me back irritated me. I'm becoming aware of this being no one else's business. As I fall more and more in love with the skeletal system I am forming within me, I realize there's not much more important than his well-being and future. I consider this a much stronger motivator to progress academically and challenge myself. I registered for class and paid cash up front- late fee and all! Although I will be attending part time (due to my work schedule and preparing for this new role), I am glad I am positively impacting my academic career by taking an additional step. 
        Never diminish your potential because you might find yourself in an unplanned situation or unstabilized in the path you are headed... just move forward and do the best you can. Appreciate the seasons in your life... for there lies an intended purpose in each and every one. 

xx, alba
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