Pregnancy & Simplicity

Sep 23, 2014

Hello, friends! Today I woke up inspired to share an update! As many of you may already know, I am pregnant. At the moment I am 6 months along, carrying a beautiful baby boy whom I cannot wait to meet! I've been feeling great and am constantly in awe of the internal changes occurring within. I am so grateful for this chance in life and pray experience equips me to grow into my idea of an excellent mother. 
           Yesterday, I shopped for my son and it was so much funner than shopping for myself! Holding all the little shoes and clothes and visualizing different styles on him excited and inspired me. 
          These days I definitely strive for comfort over any other sort of look or feel. I wanted to share this look of jogger styled denim jeans, a loose-fit dress shirt, and booties. All of the above are non-maternity clothing, just a couple sizes larger than my actual size. Don't get me wrong- I love maternity wears and actually have collected a few. As far as pants go, dealing with buttons and zippers is a huge no-no during this stage. These particular pants are elastic on the waist and I wear them under my bump. I love my top because it gives off such a classic and timeless look regardless of what it's paired with! I kept my accessories simple (as always). I am wearing my Nixon watch, my favorite bracelet from Aldo and earrings from Aldo as well. The earrings are thin and oval, giving the messy hairdo more class. 
          Comfort doesn't have to be boring :)! I love feeling great about myself and keeping up is so important with all of the physical changes that have came and have yet to come. I am trying to embrace every week of this journey! When I'm feeling down, out of shape, or awkwardly different, I'll just go out for a latte, read a great blog, or paint my nails. I try to place my focus on the most beautiful blessing that's on it's way: my baby.
           Thanks for catching up!
                 xx, alba
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