It's a Boy!

Oct 27, 2014

     These last few months, my life took an immediate and dramatic shift away from the direction it was headed. Nothing bad, but very different. As some of my followers may already know, I am expecting my first child with my first love and high school sweetheart, Emanuel. Initially, I was afraid and intimidated by this news and change. I found myself worried and speechless because I felt so unprepared. From a control-freak of time's perspective, I just didn't know how to digest this fact and bring it forth onto our families and the world. Thanks to the support and tenderness of my beloved, the emotional and physical altering processes has been much more manageable. His constant reassurance and encouragement helps me see light at the end of the tunnel. There was a lot I wanted to accomplish before birthing a child. Although I will be a new mommy at the age of 22, I am learning this will be a more intense motivation and no reason for me to hold back on my dreams and what's yet to come for me.
         It was a little after my last published post that I'd discovered the news. I waited to announce it to the public after I was safely through my first trimester. So far, I have had a very easy-going pregnancy and much support from loved ones and my sweet followers. I was comforted by the thread of the strangers that gracefully wished blessings and goodness upon my new family and new life. Since the beginning, I have found myself to be quite sensitive to everything I hear, see, and read. I noticed every single "like" and comment on any post I put on Instagram or Facebook regarding my new journey. I kept a mental note of church-goers who have known us throughout the 6 years we've been together and had not had a mention or voice of support. I instinctively became more over-protective of myself, my pregnancy, my new found family, and who I kept relations with. I've kept a journal dedicated to the emotional, physical, and spiritual changes that accompany this newness of being.
        We are on a high from all of the love and encouragement we have received from old high school friends, anonymous people, family, and close ones. I can't imagine how amazing I/we will feel when I bring our baby boy into the world and dwell on all of the loving messages. Love from others can really make a difference in this overwhelmingly beautiful and life impacting journey. Thank you for tuning into my most intimate post yet! More to come soon!

xx, alba 

Created in the Image of God

Oct 21, 2014

         Is it possible? Could we have been created in the image and likeness of God? I absolutely loved this 30 minute documentary and just had to share it with you folks. It really tied together what gathers the human race in our examination of faith, soul-searching, and spirituality. I identified with many of the chosen ones who spoke in this video and near the end, I felt a tear or two streaming down my face. God bless the maker of this short film, the people of Calgary, Canada and those all around the world.
         I hope to travel throughout several ages of my life observing and analyzing everything in its natural habitat in the world and skies around me. I long to converse with strangers about the meaning of life, success, love, happiness, the list goes on... What makes us human? What is passion? What encourages our behavior? What sparks failure? What lifts our spirit? What massive thing, beyond our comprehension, drives us? It is always intriguing to hear the responses of others and watch their gestures along with facial expressions. This video has moved me to look at every person around me as their own individual with lots of beauty residing within them. We are all truly connected through our quest to figure out some of life's deepest meanings. One day, I will pursue my own journey with my many questions, more for the experience, and less for the answers.

I encourage you to watch this video when you have the time. It isn't something to rush, or skip clips through. In my opinion, it is worth every millisecond. View with a welcoming mind and become inspired.

xx, alba


22 Things 22 Years Have Taught Me

Oct 1, 2014

               Last month, I celebrated my 22nd birthday! It wasn't particularly eventful, however, it was the most memorable one of all because I am expecting a child. I feel like this circumstance alters everything making matters a little more special. I had a calm birthday as usual. Loved ones came over and we had a little cake and ice-cream that my lovely significant other had purchased for me. The following weekend of my new year I ate great food and got pampered with him. I really wanted nothing more than to be with him and relax. I was inspired by a fellow blogger to make a list of things according to my new number // 22 and I decided I'd relate it to things that I have learned. Humbling the self and learning is a beautiful thing to me and I hope to always believe there's no age to limit the submissive experience of learning.

Sweet 22~
  1. Let opinions be opinions, and facts be facts
  2. Take many photos
  3. It's okay to not have a plan
  4. God's purpose for us isn't much like a dot, but more like a circle with freedom within
  5. Invest in daily opportunities
  6. Treat the Self 
  7. Studying is actually effective
  8. It is never too late for academia
  9. God's grace is free and undeserved
  10. Gratitude goes a long way
  11. Give thanks in all circumstances
  12. Its okay to leave with my hair undone and an oversized T-shirt
  13. To cry is to be strong
  14. Acknowledging errors and poor choices welcome respect
  15. Time is as boring as one allows it to be
  16. Embrace becoming and welcome new seasons
  17. Richness comes with things money cannot buy
  18. Live eternally-minded
  19. Knowledge enters with experience more so than it does with age
  20. Think twice before doing what is wrong
  21. When the world feels like its crumbling down... just remember its not the end of the world
  22. One who has been saved by grace can see grace in others and better yet extend it
             It took me minutes to come up with this list! Looking back, it isn't difficult to put together the goodness I have gained from life. I am so grateful for the years I have lived, the hardships I have been through, and all the pieces that complete the puzzle of my being today. I am so excited to grasp what ever new knowledge and wisdom comes my way! Thank you God, for allowing another stay.

  • What are some life-lessons you cherish?
  • Is there anything from the past you would choose to do differently?
  • If you could make a list up to the number of your age, what would that list consist of?

Thanks for reading!
xx, alba
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