Nov 24, 2014

         This morning I was browsing Blogger and YouTube (one of my favorite things to do) with some hot chocolate, relaxing and enjoying my day off. A few days ago I noticed I had surpassed 50,000 views and this totally surpassed my understanding being that I have not been blogging or filming consistently. It's not that this is the way I wish it would be. I was talking to my best friend about the levels I wanted to reach with my content on both platforms and she, as always, encouraged me to do what is good. She reminded me of a key element in this hobby: consistency. Something I lost after my pregnancy. Let me be clear: a lack of consistency in my uploads and posts, not in feeding my self and my brain with new ideas and inspiration. I had a moment to myself staring at the analytics and statistics of my audience and I was truly in awe in the interests of others. Also, reading into personal e-mails that are sent to me thanking me for my way of being and my versatile posts.
           A lot came to mind... with visions of creating, becoming, and growing as a blogger. I've always told myself I would never let the interest of others become a primary motivator to post because then something might happen to my personal focus when something went up and I didn't receive the feedback I expected, (for example) etc. I would always kindly remind myself this was about and for me. Never for money or for people- although both of these things could be positive factors and could undoubtedly come with time and expansion.
           I've read recent posts of huge bloggers like @Zoella from UK ( who has over 6 mil subs on YouTube to say the least) and it broke my heart when I read why she was no longer vlogging. It was due primarily to the meanness of the world and all of the bitterness and hate you're subjected to receive when putting your life as a whole to the public eye. I felt so sad for her when she described what her most fun thing to do had became. A truly scary thing with millions of voices from all other ends saying not-so-nice things. Another awesome girlie I love to keep up with is Estee from @essiebutton! Who recently posted as well regarding negativity on her channel and just unnecessary commentaries on things A LOT of people struggle with (myself included) like skin issues. I don't know why anyone would ever try to diminish a person of their enjoyment or their hard work or even things they are not at fault for. It isn't nice and I just truly feel for these beings and more who have such an awesome outlook they share on the world and then get bombarded with hurtful things for little and needless to say, very stupid reasons. Regardless of the strength we have within, and the thick skin we may develop exteriorly, one can only take so much.
          I initially opened up "new post" (unplanned) to thank my subscribers and my viewers (old, recent, consistent, non-consistent) for your support and kindness throughout my journey with this one thing I initialed to simply share of myself and my thoughts with the world. Not to be a pessimist, but one reality is that the more my online presence grows, the more its prone to become ugly, as more and more judgment and opinions come together. There's no denying it, we see it everywhere. The only way to stop it is to check yourself and make sure if you're ever leaving a message, comment, or a say through any other outlet is that you do it out of genuine love/care and if you're going to criticize (which isn't necessarily an awful thing and can surely contribute to the growth of others) let it be constructive. If its something someone else might find offensive, seek to console privately. We all know some people just can't help voice their thoughts, and that is ok as long as it isn't with a vicious or hurtful intend. Be reminded that no one is perfect and no one will ever be! Not everyone has had the opportunities that you have had and all in all everyone is fighting their own little battle.
          I've definitely let myself go writing this post (free write), but I truly hope it reaches your hearts and if there's anyone out there who's dreams and aspirations revolve media (a great avenue with a lot of potential) never be discouraged by the negativity someone may sprinkle just because they are no happy with themselves.
          I hope to continue doing this for myself and I honestly have so much I want to do and share after I settle with the birth of my first child and the settlement in my new apartment with my fiance. Thank you for keeping up and being patient with me! Grow with me. Alba's Universe will reach further dimensions!

xx, alba


Week 31 // Chapter: Engaged

Nov 16, 2014

I cannot believe I am almost 8 months pregnant! I feel like time has passed exceedingly fast!
This pregnancy has been pretty good to me. The worst I've experienced is severe heartburn (always at night) and swelling. In comparison to some pregnancy horror stories I've read and heard, I am ok with handling these two as they come- despite the discomfort. Thankfully, my little boy is healthy and so am I! There's truly nothing more satisfying than hearing his heartbeat or feeling his movements (which are getting stronger each day). 

Our beautiful baby-shower was this past weekend (Saturday, November 8, 2014) and Emanuel proposed to me!!! I am so proud of our journey and cannot wait to officially be titled his wife. I love my ring and the symbolism behind it. I love being reminded of our love and strength every time it shines at me. He knows me so well! His loyalty, commitment, and dedication (to say the least) are all so admirable. Anyone who knows me would agree there's no one else for me. 6 years in and I am so blessed and happy this season in my life. If you asked Emanuel he would probably say the same (or something sweeter as he shows off his tender smile). 
We are excitedly waiting for our little bundle to join us and I just deeply sense that the "wife" and "mother" roles are for me. We have so much to look forward to! 
God is faithful and little by little my life is coming together. My purposes on Earth are becoming more and more clear and so many questions I asked in the past are becoming answered. Thank you, God, for your constant and unconditional love and grace.
OOTD: On this pretty FL fall day, I was comfortably wearing some of my all time favorite tones. I am obsessing over these whites, creamy, taupes, off-whites, and ivory tones! (I love these so much they will be the focus in my son's nursery.) It adds so much freshness to any look. 
I found this warm, fuzzy sweater at H&M on sale for $14.99! I'm grateful for this considering it was originally $60. I love me some good finds! 

Here'a a peak at Emanuel and I after our moment. P.S The shower was professionally filmed! I have everything on video and will maybe share a post with some snippets in the near future :)
Thank you for stopping by! Stay tuned for further updates!
xx, Alba


Oversized and chunky knits!

Nov 3, 2014

            The weather has been so incredibly beautiful in Orlando! My favorite weather is Florida winters. They are cool enough to bundle up, but not cold to an extreme of discomfort. Lately, it has been in the 40s at night and 60s with sunny skies during the day. It also feels lovely now that the sun sets early allowing the coolness of the dark to refresh the air. This week Emanuel and I have been shopping around for our Baby Shower outfits (which will be this coming weekend, yay!) and I had to pick up some oversized, chunky knits! 
            I also picked up a new wallet. I didn't need it, but I wanted it! I am loving the color Taupe and the price was awesome ($12.90+tax)! I am really trying to keep lighter things in my bag and hopefully the thinness of this wallet forces me to stuff it to its minimum! 
           I also picked up some gold necklaces. For a while, I stopped wearing overwhelming jewelry and my accessories consisted of my Nixon gold watch, diamond earrings, and promise ring. However, I am loving the style of double up on necklaces of simplicity and length. 
          Emanuel bought me a new black purse! I love its size and convenience! Someone requested that I'd show a "What's in my bag" video and hopefully I can share the details of the bag and my uses of it via video. 
Thank you for keeping up!
xx, alba

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