My son, a blueberry

Feb 24, 2015

          I feel so incredibly blessed to experience this new season in my life: motherhood. Day and night, I become inspired with new things to try, research, and talk about. It's been a little over 5 weeks since I birthed a beautiful human being into the world. Someone who will someday become a man.  I could honestly say I was in awe of my son the moment I met him. 

          When I released him from within, the first thing I did was cry. I felt the most powerful presence within me and it is an experience that could never be replaced nor forgotten. I will always remember when I found out I was pregnant, my son, (according to science) was about the size of a blueberry. 

        I was 7 weeks along. It is difficult to come to grounds with the concept of creation in this aspect. It is truly the most miraculous thing one could ever experience in my opinion. It has given me a sense of security, a sense of who I am, a sense of belonging. Even a sense of individualism and purpose. I love myself like I have never before. I feel significant, I feel strong. I am needed and I pray to forever be wanted by my child. 
         When I first saw him on an ultrasound, he was about the size of a grape. I was then 9 weeks along. His heart, beating away like the sound of galloping horses. Ever so constant and reassuring. All I could whisper was, "Oh my God..." as I looked over my shoulder to Emanuel sitting beside me. A heartbeat created with our love. Since then, Emanuel has seen me in a different light. It has taken us this journey to respect life on a whole different stance. For 40 weeks, I was accompanied by a miracle who bloomed and became one of the humans I most love and will sacrifice anything for. 
        When I would first learn about God and agape love, nothing clicked until I met son, Noah. I finally understood what it was like to love without conditions. He has done nothing but be and in his being I love him, madly. I would do anything to protect him. It is a constant reminder of God's endless love for me, for you. Nothing he could do would alter my love. 
        I'm embracing every moment of growth, keeping in mind this is the only incontestable, physical time in the spectrum of infinity- never to be repeated, but maybe in memory. I am exciting to watch him grow and learn, gaining from his father, the world, and I the best that we all could teach. A lifetime of chances wait for us ahead. I'm trying hard not to be afraid of the fears I could face. I pray to be greater than the human instinct under circumstances we cannot control. 

 I pray to always be brave, for you, my child.


Newborn Essentials

Feb 23, 2015

Hello loves! Here's a video of my top essentials for mommies to take into consideration when caring for their newborn. I'm no expert- I've actually only been a mommy for a little over a month, but I've found these few items have made a substantial difference in my days with my son. 

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Thank you for watching! If there's anything you'd like for me to consider in a post let me know!

xx, alba

Month 1 || #NoahWithUs

Feb 18, 2015

        A month ago I delivered my beloved son, Noah Emanuel Rosado. I delivered him on his due date, naturally. We got to the hospital at about 2am and at 1pm I started to push and had him at 2:15pm. I can't begin to explain this overwhelmingly beautiful experience in which I have yet to understand: motherhood. Taking it one day at a time, I've managed to keep sane. Facing challenges, constantly trying to reach a better version of myself in the midst of frustrations, putting myself aside, all while attending to the needs of this new human being. Since he was placed on me, I thought this is the cutest little boy I have ever laid eyes on. I'm not sure if its a "motherly" thing, but he was truly the most precious thing to look at. Emanuel and I were so proud, so excited, so in love. 

      You know how everyone says, "Enjoy it! It'll go by very fast!" This first month has felt like the longest I've experience in a while. Last week, it was about 3:20 am, Noah was crying out of control, and having done everything I knew to do, I could not manage to calm him. They say a newborn cries for one of the following reasons: hunger, pain/discomfort, a dirty diaper, gas...I had done everything to my knowledge, and still: uncontrollable cry. I felt a distance, a disconnect, and I searched desperately for a plug that would wire my love to him.
     When I was about to complain for myself, I stopped trying to soothe him and I just stared. His hands constantly opening with his arms as if he was free-falling, desperate to catch the air. In great need of security. His lungs truly to the test with every gasp followed by a cry. I thought, "Oh my God. How difficult must this be for him. He's just 3 weeks old. That's it. This little body with emotions, feelings, and all of his senses has just been here, alive, for 3 weeks. God help me. What could comfort mean to him? He's just used to a sack of fluids and a tight space inside of me." Tears nearly streaming down my face, feeling guilty for being unable to find a way, but wanting so bad to end his cry... I loved him. I simply loved him. 
      Remembering what he's heard for 10 months: the constant drum of my heart, I held him close. Suddenly, some understanding came upon me. I held him tighter, shut my eyes, and we reconnected. He craved my warmth, my smell, my breath, my skin, my sound. My son. A very piece of myself out in this world. Gracefully, I managed to calm him. I embraced his tinniness, his simplicity, the essence of his being. Here, I was needed more than I was wanted. I am essential to someone's life. Wants are desires accompanied by pleasures, needs are literally essential to our survival. He needs me. I will surely do my best to be here for him- regardless of time, feeling, and space. I am privileged to be a mother and with God's help I will do the best that I can do to exceed at this calling. 
                                                Noah's first day Sunday, 1/18/2015
                                                      2:15pm 6 lbs 14 oz 21 in

                                                           Our first selfie
                                                             Father and Son
                                                                 The Rosado's
                                                              Going home 1/20/2015
                                                               Noah, 1 month
My little love has more focus on faces and whatever objects draw near his face
Constantly smiles in his sleep
Tries hard to lift his head up and keep it steady, but still wobbles
Has a huge appetite! 1 mo: 5 oz per 2.5-3hrs
Fair sleeping schedule: goes to sleep 11:30-12a, wakes up 3:30-4a, then again at 6:30-7a
Makes the cutest lip pout before crying
...I love him. 

I am madly in love with my family. I'm looking forward to the rest of our lives. 

Thanks for reading! 
xx, alba

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