What's in my purse? (Mommy Edition) VIDEO

Mar 21, 2015

           Welcome back! I love being in love with a bag. I'm currently really into about 4 or 5, but my latest addition has taken completely over! 

I found this bag randomly walking through Target! Lately, the stores I shop at the most (H&M, F21, ZARA, Aldo's) have had such amazing replicas of higher end brands. I was amazed to find this one at target for just $39.99! It is the perfect size, and in my video you will see just how much I can fit in this baby! It's perfect for a newborns mommy because there's so much space, making it easy to carry newborn essentials- as opposed to carrying a heavier diaper bag. 
I have managed to carry all of my needs, wants, and particular items for Noah on the go. I would only use a purse like this if I'm going to be out briefly with my son. I'd most certainly use my diaper bag if we were to be out of the house for more than 5 or 6 hours. Watch the video below to see my minimum baby needs for a 9-week old! 

I love my little card holder from Aldo's! I keep my membership cards there, all organized and easy to grab. This MK wallet is one of my favorites! In the video, you can see the back side is all card-pockets. I'm all about simplicity these days and carrying these items help lessen the weight and keep my mess at a minimum.
  What are your bag essentials? 

                          What's in my purse? (Mommy Edition) VIDEO

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Month 2 || #NoahWithUs

Mar 18, 2015

2 months since I've met these glossy, big eyes... wow. One thing I could say easily and without much thought is the vast love I feel for this little human. Every day I think I love him the most, then comes a new day and I discover I could love further. 
          Motherhood continues to be an extraordinary experience. Noah has been "oo-ing", has sudden bursts of "gah", "guh" and his cries are starting to sound a little different. He cries with a little more strength and frustration when he's hungry and makes all sorts of sounds within the cry, lol! It's so cute to hear because its like he's trying to speak to me. He's staring at objects for longer periods of time and sometimes lifts or waves his hand before it. His favorite place is my arms or his father's. While I was pregnant, I would always pray I wouldn't have a "clingy" baby. I was more-so afraid of him having separation anxiety when the time came for me to return to work. I wanted to raise him to be pretty independent. When he cries for us to pick him up now, we try not to run to him immediately, but still attend to his needs. He becomes overwhelmed with large, open spaces and enjoys being caressed, or cuddled when he's down. 
            I've got one more month until I return to work. I feel like as soon as I start working again time is going to go by incredibly fast! I am so excited to hear his little voice when he starts speaking. I long to hear him call me "mami" or "mama" or "mommy"... whatever he learns and addresses me by. I try so hard not to get ahead of myself, but I look forward to absolutely all of his growing phases. Walking with him through the shopping center, reading to him and hearing his feedback, playing at the park, visiting the bookstore, taking photos, having ice-cream, watching movies, visiting museums and aquariums, flying overseas... I mean the list goes on and on. For now, I will embrace his tininess and that blank, yet full curious stare he blesses me with every morning. 

I love you madly, my little Noah. 

•He loves his warm baths
•He smiles widely in his sleep, and more often during waking hours
•I LOVE when he stretches in the morning... possibly the cutest thing ever
•I love knowing I make him feel safe and protected
•I'm in love with his eyes, his lashes, his button nose, his lips, his brows, his hands, his feet... you get the point! He's by far the best thing that's ever happened to me.

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