Vlog 1 : Isn't it the cutest thing!?

Apr 28, 2015

This is the Desk Pad I ended up purchasing for weekly activities. It also serves as a mouse pad!

I have accomplished something I have been meaning to do for a very long while! I've put this off and tried and put this off and tried over and over again in the past 6-9 months or so. I thought editing a video was impossible and I would never attain the ability to do so. I've been wanting to share vlogs for the longest time! I went out to do a couple of things last week and decided to take my camera along with me. I stopped by my favorite stationery shop in Winter Park, FL and above is the desk pad I said I was looking forward to getting. Isn't it so cute?! Last night I messed with iMovie and put all the clips together and made something. I am so proud of myself for finally coming through! As much as I had dreaded the editing process, it was actually really exciting and entertaining! Here's to my first vlog. I hope to perfect with time! 

xx, alba


Foundation Routine

Apr 23, 2015

Welcome back! A lovely young woman on Instagram had suggested I post an "everyday makeup" tutorial, upon posting some drugstore products I was planning to review on here. 
This morning, while I was getting myself together for a day out to run errands, I decided to take some photos as I applied 4-5 simple steps that make such a huge difference in my face! Here are some suggestions and affordable drugstore uses. This process is so quick and easy I can literally accomplish it in about 5 minutes! I'll take you step by step!

  • I always prime my face. By priming, I am basically coating my skin so that the foundation isn't applied directly on there. It smoothes the surface and also prolongs the wear of my makeup.

  • I then sculpt and highlight my face using a Shine Free Foundation stick from Maybelline, a few shades darker than my actual tone, and the Age Instant Rewind concealer, also from Maybelline.

I shade the areas I want sculpted, and bring light to the areas I want to enhance

  •  Following a circular motion, I distribute the product evenly throughout my skin.
I prefer a small stippling brush for more control. This one is from ELF. It is only $3 and works amazingly! 
Flawless finish!
Here is half of my face undone, and the other half done
Foundation routine complete

  • After my foundation process, I add a little more definition to the areas I shaded with my Anastasia Contour Kit. I mix the shades JAVA and FAWN. I also set my highlighted areas (T-Zone and Under-eyes) with the Banana shade. I love this kit! The quality is impeccable. 
  • To finish the look,  I set everything in place with a drugstore classic, and that is the L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable powder in W6 shade Sun beige. 

  • I also add a little blush right above my contour for a flushed finish. This one in particular is the NYX blush PB06 in the shade Peach


**Disclaimer: This post is not sponsered by any brand. I am not a professional make up artist. This is simply what works for me ;)

Till' the next one!
xx, alba


Shine Control Powder

Apr 21, 2015

I have recently discovered an awesome drugstore product to take with me on-the-go and help balance the facial oils produced throughout the day. The Neutrogena Shine Control powder is incredibly light, yet effective. 

C L A I M S :

  • Instantly eliminates shine for a fresh look that lasts 8 hours
  • Layers invisibly over makeup 
  • Matte finish
  • Rice protein complex

$11/$12 at Drugstores

P R O S :
  • Super compact 
  • Includes mirror and applicator 
  • Applicator adjusts perfectly upon closure 
  • Matte black (my favorite)

I rate this product 5/5! It definitely prolongs the use of my foundation as I run around during the day. 

*Note: I live in a warm-hot climate area.

Being a new mom and going around with a baby, I have no time to sit and touch up my face, but with this simple and lightweight product, I simply dab over my t-zone area and around my nose and it instantly mattifies my skin; removing all shine and refreshing my look.


    Month 3 || #NoahWithUs

    Apr 19, 2015

    I have never felt so complete in my life. It is truly the ultimate and most satisfying feeling. Our little boy is now 3 months old and continues to get cuter and smarter by the second! We understand each other so much better. Time is definitely going faster than it did that first month...

    The other day I caught myself feeling sad because his "NB" size clothes no longer fits. I had flash backs of the day we brought him home, his tiny diapers and outfits. His difference in size was right before my eyes and it's amazing, but also scary how fast growth can occur and that "wanting to slow down the time" feeling kept creeping up on me. 
    • He smiles, but only chuckles in his sleep
    • Brings his hands together
    • Makes the cutest face when an object is super near (opens eyes really wide)
    • Wiggles feet and arms evenly and kicks hard!
    • Tries making bubbles with his saliva while smiling (& of course, it's the cutest thing)
    • Loves getting picked up
    • Drinks 5.5-6oz every 2.5-3 hours 
    • Starts salivating when milk is near
    • Is drooling and nibbling on whatever he can grab, mostly his fist and hands... which are signs of teething! 
    • M 0 N T H    3
    • Last check up 4/9/15 weighed 13.2 lbs & 23in

    He's smiling like never before and I'm sure by now realizes who I am and when I draw near. I love being able to calm him. It's the moment I see us most connected.
    Precious close up...

    Thank you for stopping by! 
    ... and this adorable little "I'm not liking this" face stops when I say, "mommy's here! mommy's here!"


    Favorite Drugstore Pro Matte Foundation!

    Apr 17, 2015

    NEW Holy Grail product alert!!! I have never been so pleased nor impressed with a drugstore foundation as I am with the latest release of L'Oreal's Infallible 24HR Pro Matte Foundation. This product is truly a dream! 

    C L A I M S :
    • demi-matte finish
    • 24 hr wear
    • medium coverage
    • air-light texture
    From my personal experience, I can support all of the claims above, except the 24 hours wear claim, simply because I've never wore foundation for that long, but I can honestly say it'll stay put for 12-14 hour day. I've been wearing this foundation for about a week now and from 6AM-7:30PM it sits beautifully on my skin with zero touch ups. 

    I have oily skin and love me a nice, matte finish. Although this is a demi-matte finish, it has such a perfect airbrushed look and doesn't even need additional product to keep it in place, because it sets on its own with a light, powdery finish. I cannot even feel it on my face, which is definitely a win for me.

    A long-time favorite item from L'Oreal is their TrueMatch Foundation. I am in the color W6 Sun Beige, and found that in this Infallible Pro Matte I am a 105 Natural Beige. It literally matches my skin perfect! The color may be a little misleading if you go off of what the package displays. I'd suggest trying it out of the tube with a tester prior to purchasing it. This product ranges from $11-$14, and it is totally worth every cent in my opinion.

    Look at this flawless finish! Perfect skin is a dream! 

    Note: I do moisturize and prime my face prior to its application. I like applying it with either a beauty blender or a small stipple brush for more control. When applying it, I take turns with each half of my face, as this product does settle quickly. 

    It is currently my absolute favorite drugstore foundation!

    Thanks for stopping by! 
    xx, alba
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