Moms can, too

May 7, 2015

Before becoming a mother, I would foresee myself as an "on-point, good-looking, caught up with fashion" woman, and it did not take long before becoming one for the realization to manifest itself: it's hard to keep up sometimes. There are so many dues in our daily lives that can distract us from taking the time in our day to do our hair, flush our cheeks with some blush, get dressed, and not only look good, but feel good; as a state of exhaustion might dominate our day.
As challenging as it may get to take care of a baby, keep up with my place, cook, attend to Emanuel, keep track of finances and bills, grocery shop, treat my personal hobbies; among other things, I have made it a commitment to myself to always present the best version of myself. 
I can't lie. I have discovered that a super loose tee (way out of my fitting size) is what I have naturally gravitated towards during these last few months, along with loose pants. It's been all about the easy and effortless wears for me. However, sometimes, I do like to take the extra step and putting in more of an effort; but still manage to keep it simple. Moms can, too! It's a matter of managing time, planning effectively, and prioritizing our state of being.
Removable & self-tie belt works great with and without.
**TIP: for a most figure-highlighting look, adjust the belt at the waist!

I love classic styles! This trench coat is definitely one of my staple items. It is incredibly light-weight and its soft-touch fabric makes it easy to pair with almost anything, any time! I can literally wear this 20 different ways! Joggers, skinnies, boyfriend jeans, spring dresses; you name it! It gives such a flattering finish and it is appropriate for multiple seasons. Fall and Spring would be my personal seasons of choice! 
  • Fall: at all times
  • Spring: breezy day and evenings; as we recover from winter and transition to summer

I am simply wearing a white, organic cotton tank, skinnies, and some pumps, and my entire outfit is pulled together by the trench coat. I love the chest and yoke tier detail! And most of all I love the variety in styles and how greatly simple it is to find corresponding pieces to tie down the look.
I think it is so important to remain an individual, despite all the responsibilities and different roles life throws at us the more we age. I have found myself "getting pretty" even if its to pick up coffee, or shop for groceries. Personally, I feel better when I know I'm doing something substantial or simply looking and feeling refreshed. 
                           I hope you've caught some inspiration! Thanks for stopping by!
                                                                                              xx, alba

Vlog 3 : Antiques & Mansions

May 6, 2015

I am so happy to feature both my loves, Emanuel, and our son, Noah in this vlog! I honestly could not stop laughing during the editing process of this video. If I could remember any reason for falling in love with Emanuel almost 7 years ago, it had something to do with his loyalty and humor.

Take a look at our vlog here:


Vlog 2 : Out & About

May 4, 2015

Welcome back ya'll!

Here's Vlog 2! I'm really starting to get the hang of this! I hope you enjoy watching just as much as I have enjoyed filming and putting it together! Click here to subscribe for more! Xo

I will introduce my hubby in the next one!

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