Summer Lipstick Go-To's

Jun 25, 2015

Summer Lipsticks!
Lipsticks are the perfect statement accessory! A good lip can pull together a simple look. Quick & easy! My favorite lipstick formulas are those that are matte, but creamy. Here are some colors I've been wearing daily. Three out of these four consist of a matte finish! 

1. Sydney - NYX (matte-cream) NYX's matte cream collection are some of my favorite lip products! At an affordable $5.99 these are amazing quality and last a long while without re-touching. Can a lip color be playful? This baby pink is so fun to wear! With any make-up look (I usually keep it pretty basic) it manages well.

2. Berry Haute - Revlon (creamy) I have loved repurchased this lipstick many times now. It is known to be a dupe for MAC's Amplified lipstick in "Up The Amp". It is a mauve-toned purple and I wear this almost every time I step out!

3. Diva - Milani (matte) This color is from Milani's latest Matte collection that launched in early Spring this year. I love every single color! This is one (along with Orchid), is a more bright and daring color.  I like to wear this particular color out on a nice lunch or shopping date. It definitely catches the eye.

4. Morocco - NYX (matte-cream) This striking red-orange is from the same matte cream collection as Sydney (#1). Both soft and lasting. The collection has such an amazing range of colors! This is one of my favorite colors to wear with a nice sunkissed tan! A red-orange lip with a dramatic cat eye and full lashes is such an enticing look!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! If you haven't already, give these a shot! They can all be found at the drugstore and none exceed $6. You can get the NYX matte-cream glosses at Ulta or Target. Ulta has many sales of Buy 1 Get 1 50% off! I always wait for the brand to hit that sale and rack up on them. They are totally worth it! 

What are your favorite summer lip tones? I love new recommendations! 

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Formerly Know As...

Jun 22, 2015

        I sat and contemplated about all the things I could say and all the reasons I could share in regards to my decision in renaming my blog and purchasing my domain. Introducing Gracefully, Alba formerly known as Alba's Universe. I've come a long way as my 2 year anniversary on Blogger is approaching. To keep it simple, I wanted a new start.
         In the beginning, my blog revolved around many subjects of planners and organization methods alongside fashion/style posts. While that continues to be a great part of me, I want to evolve it into more of a personal lifestyle blog, directed by all things that inspire and excite me.I will be covering all things beauty, style, organization, motherhood/parenting experiences, and all around documenting my life in other areas; with occasional vlogs featuring my family.
            I am thrilled to have yet another year sharing pieces of me and my taste through this platform! I will be updating multiple times a week and you can keep up with me via other social media outlets such as #Instagram, #Pinterest, and #Twitter (click to follow). You can also find videos in correspondence to most blog posts on my YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe!

I love engaging with others and hope that you will continue to follow, and if you are new, welcome! It is my pleasure to have you! Feel free to comment or E-mail me. You can read more about me here.
Thank you for reading! Until next time!



In 2013, I started this blog (formerly known as Alba's Universe) after contemplating the thought of it for months. Always having the desire to write and publish, I thought what better way than to start a blog! I wished to express myself creatively and I wanted that to translate through my posts. Personally, who I was then to who I am now has changed significantly. From blogging as a full time college gal (in a lengthy relationship) to now, a wife to my first love and mother to our beautiful baby boy, Noah. Everyday, I'm learning about motherhood and life with someone else. I'm passionate about conversation and sharing what I love with others. I invite you to become a regular reader of my posts and grow along with me in this journey. You can expect a matter of subjects in beauty, planning, parenting, personal style, along with other documented lifestyle musings! I also have a YouTube Channel, where you will find corresponding videos to most blog posts and occasional vlogs. Click here to subscribe! Thank you for taking the time to read.

Month 4 #NoahWithUs

Jun 1, 2015

I have a 4 month old! My baby has changed so much over the course of these last few weeks. I cannot believe all of the clothes he has outgrown and all of the new sounds he makes! It is truly surreal to watch a new little human evolve. My love grows deeply with each passing day, and it amazes me to know I could love more than I love this very moment.

Noah just started turning over last week. I literally witnessed his first turnover! It was during his playtime on him gym mat, which he is never left to play unsupervised in. He laughed out loud while looking in the mirror with Emanuel and myself for the first time, just yesterday, 5.17.15, for the first time as well. I feel so blessed to live in a time where memories are so easily kept! We recordered it right away and I look forward to looking back and gripping that moment when his baby-ness flies out of my sight.

At this time, the doctor has recommended we begin to set a routine for his day and night. It is said that at this age they begin to acknowledge them and it will make everything easier as they grow and their personalities show more. I am looking forward to establishing daily nap times (multiple) and our evening routine will consist of a bath and reading time.

At his 4 month check up he weighed 16.10 oz and measured 27 in. He's a little taller than babies his age. He began to hold his own bottle and literally smiles at me every time I look at him. He loves his father so much and gets so excited when he comes home and walks towards him to pick him up. We discovered he has a dimple in his left cheek! My sweet boy is growing more beautiful and smarter with each passing day.
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