Rifle Paper Co 17 Mo. Planner

Jul 27, 2015

My excitement cannot be contained! I remember when I initially discovered this company. I fell in love with Anna's designs and searched madly for planners to find out they had none - until now that is! It is no surprise I am absolutely head over heels for this beauty. Rifle Paper Co just launched two 17 mo. planners, and this one was my choice! You can view the other design here. From what I have seen on social media, that one tends to be the more popular choice, but I decided to pick up this one because I am currently obsessed with powder blue- and well, why not feed the obsession?! Plus, the print reminds me of a collection of tea cups my fancy great-grandmother owned. So pretty!

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Jul 9, 2015

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Month 5 #NoahWithUS

Jul 7, 2015

                  A little over 5 months into motherhood and it truly feels as if yesterday was the first time I laid eyes on him. Noah is growing rapidly and strongly. Sometimes I look at him and recall how tiny he first was and it almost feels as if I have a different baby! It is so amazing how the little things they begin to do in such short time can make such a great difference. I really can't imagine looking back years from now. Time really does speed. I am so thankful I am aware of this and am enjoying every last minute with him. It feels so amazing to know and feel that he knows who I am, along with his father. He knows to look for us in a crowd and immediately feels comforted by our presence. That's truly meaningful to me.


Summer Trend: Covered in White

Jul 6, 2015

Can a color be inspiring? Because I am particularly inspired when I'm dressed in white. The color of newness, purity, light, clarity, and peace - to say the least. Although it is a chic choice all-year round, it has definitely been one of my go-to summer wearing colors.   
My hair is my absolute favorite when it is voluminous and soft! I feel it added an elegant feel to this classic look. 

This outfit is characterized by minimalistic details. I paired this top with white skinnies  to dress it up, and also because the slit is simply too high for my liking without a bottom, however, this piece is a gem to throw-over a bathing suit and wear it freely; like so!
Black sandals with white strap to define the look!

 The half way slit elongates the legs while inviting a vibe of lightness and balance to this whole look. 
Keep in mind: as pretty as white is to wear, it is a pretty delicate choice, so watch out when you eat or where you sit! The smallest detail of stain becomes the most obvious. I argue it is worth the risk! 

Thank you for reading! 
x Alba


How To: Heatless Waves!

Jul 2, 2015

Summer is my favorite time to rock big hair with little to no effort. I decided to make a mini tutorial on how I convert my natural hair into a bigger and wavier mess! This look requires nothing but bobby pins! Watch below and get some inspiration!
P.S. The amazing track you hear in the video is from a very good friend of mine, QJoshB  an awesome producer, songwriter, rapper, and all around well artist. Click and take a listen!

Thank you for watching!

x Alba


Dark & Crema

Jul 1, 2015

Dark & Crema
I truly feel at my best with an oversized top. It has nothing to do with concealing, nor bagging, but everything to do with comfort. As a mother, especially, I strive for a comfortable look everyday! 
I decided to dress this look up by pairing it with classic black pumps. There's no outfit a pump can't fix, really. Adding sophistication and a new level of class, the attire goes a long way. We can't argue that the overexposed legs are the star of the look here! I love how it balances out the look being that my top half is so guarded. I would wear this look to a date with a friend, and honestly even a night out! The material of the top gives it a dressier feel, making it further appropriate for a night time wear. 
 I would wear this look to a date with a friend, and honestly even a night out! The material of the top gives it a dressier feel, making it further appropriate for a night time wear. 
Photography By: Ashley Maisonet 
Instagram: @ashleymaisonet
Twitter: @maisonetashley


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