Blog Guide Part 3: Blogging Tips

Oct 23, 2015

Welcome to the last part of my mini blogging series! In PART l, we covered blogging supplies and content planning. In PART 2, I went over blog page tips and essentials. In today's part, I'm going to give you general tips I think are great to keep in mind for everyone involved (you, readers, first time visitors). 
I struggled with prioritizing content over consistency because for the longest time I have seen consistency be the key factor in a successful blog, but let me tell you why I'm starting off with content. I feel like having readers come back for more can be one thing and having a constant growth of readership can be another thing (although ultimately the two combined would be ideal). My point here is that regardless of the times you post, if when you do post you put out quality work- this will bring you audience. I have seen some blogger friends slack in scheduling posts on a constant basis, but when they put out work, whether its 3 times a month or 17 times per month, people who are interested in the content click and comment immediately and always end up wishing they post more frequently. Keep your content fresh and be mindful of what you post.

Now follow what I'm saying here. Posting on a regular basis promises a boost in clicks and views. It is self explanatory. The more you put out, the more of a chance your work is going to get noticed. If you want a building of readership, numbers, followers, comments, then both consistency and content will balance that out perfectly. I urge you to try it! 

In Part l, I emphasize the importance of a planner. Note the times you need to schedule in photography, research, composition, inspiration block, and anything else you may need to accomplish prior to publishing a post. This will help you keep on top of things- which will get you respect down the line. Your audience will find themselves trusting you and seeing you as a reliable source. 

I have been a list-maker since I could ever remember. There's no greater feeling than ticking something off my check list! Jotting down at least your top 5 tasks for the day is a great and simple way to start and to lessen overwhelm. The list comes in handy to track, but I am a friend to electronics when it comes to reminders. When I'm working on a project, I like to time myself. If you're anything like me, you might get carried away with one thing which may possibly subtract time from your upcoming tasks. I set reminders for when to start and keep myself in the frame of time with an "end" to the task. 

     4. TECH
I don't want to make anyone feel like they need to have the latest Canon Rebel with a $1k lens. These days having a smart phone is so common and that could really be enough to start off. Editing your photos is key! Play around with the exposure, brightness, contrast, and sharpness to improve the shot. I would advise not too get too carried away with filters (for example if you want to be a beauty blogger), because filters can compromise the colors in the photo. Now if you decide you do want to invest in a camera, then going for that is a great idea. Depending on your budget, you can get yourself a point and shoot or a DSLR- just wait on lens investments until you get the hang of things. They are really pricey items! Do keep in mind that the lens is what is going to get you the quality you're probably aiming for. So if you go for the DSLR, you don't need the latest. You can get an older model and save the money on getting an awesome lens later! Again, nothing you need in the beginning, but definitely something to consider when you see your blog grow.

Now I don't think I need to say this, but I'm going to anyway. You do not need an Apple computer. Any will do! Even an iPad or a tablet. (Ahem, you can actually even blog from your smartphone if you really wanted to) I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro because I edit videos. They are geared more towards my YouTube channel, but personally, it is also my preference when it comes to computers. They took me months of saving! I didn't just go out and popped one in my apartment. 

You don't need to get involved in every social media platform. In fact, I would advise you don't. It is pretty hard to keep up with those things, especially if you have more to your life than having a blog. Go for the platforms you find the easiest to engage in like Instagram and Twitter (which literally take seconds to update and interact in). These are very manageable and user-friendly. The key is to use these to drive potential readers to your blog. Consider the age group you want to target as well. For example, if you want to blog about something that targets a more mature audience, Facebook is a great place to make a presence. 

Engaging with people who reach out to you and fellow bloggers is incredibly important. It is a great way to learn, grow as a blogger yourself, and increase your audience. Especially with collaborations!

I really enjoyed sharing these tips with you all, and hope it helps if this is something you take interest in. I mentioned in my Starting A Blog video, that it is an amazing thing to do. You can also take a look at that video if this is something you have intended to start for a while, but certain fears and insecurities have set you back over and over again. Like Nike, just do it. It feels really good to start something you've put off for a while. You never know where it may land you. Be kind to yourself in the process and always stay true. x


Blog Guide Part 2: Blog Essentials

Oct 21, 2015

I'm so glad about the feedback I have received since Part I of this series! In my last post, which you can read here, I go over blogging supplies and tips on organizing your content. Many of you found my suggestions helpful, which is obviously encouraging! I'm really excited about this second part, because having a user-friendly and visually appealing blog page is extremely important. Regardless of the type of blogger that you are or would like to become (I went over this in my previous post), any blogger would agree that they would like for their audience to have a good - for lack of a better word - reader experience. 

Sometimes, the simple additions make the greatest difference. Remember to take what is fitting to your style! Don't feel like these are rules, because they're not. They're no rules as to what may win over the other, but they're definitely insightful suggestions that can take both loyal readers and a new visitors experience to another level and leave them wanting to return for more! Happy blogging!


Blog Guide Part I: Blogging Supplies & Planning Content

Oct 19, 2015

Welcome to my first mini blogging series, created after multiple requests and FAQ about blogging, how I do it, what it takes. I am not an expert, but with over two years of experience, I have learned a thing or two and am excited to share them with like-minded individuals who consider entering the blogosphere. This three-part series will mostly consist of videos and some follow-up blog posts to emphasize what ever I could not in the video for the sake of time. 

  1. If you've considered blogging, I truly encourage you to begin. I just have some tips to help you become more mindful of your experience which will in turn affect your reader's experience. First and foremost its important to have a concrete idea of what kind of blogger you want to present yourself as. If you're to looking blog for fun and for yourself, then that is totally circumstantial and everything is up to you. This way of blogging can definitely result in a build of audience, however the progress of your readership might not rocket because usually these type of bloggers tend to more chill and post spontaneously. 
  2. If you're leaning more towards putting something out there to target a specific audience and perhaps even make a career out of this (which takes an incredible amount of time, energy, patience, and investment), then there's a different technique and take on approaching your subject. These types of bloggers tend to have a dedicated schedule and are really serious about getting up their posts in a timely manner. These type of bloggers also have a higher interest in requests and suggestions from their audience. They tend to cater to their loyal readers and post based upon the interests of their targets.

At the end of the day, its up to you to do what ever you would like, but with the second option I believe you become a lot more mindful of your readers. 
In the video, I briefly discuss a few tools I believe are great to help you get started for which ever blogger-type you might think of yourself to be or become. My suggested supplies revolve around keeping things in order and promising consistency to your readers (geared a little more towards the second type of blogger mentioned above). But regardless of the type, its always good to have some essentials to make the process less overwhelming! The second part of this video discusses tips on content planning. A very important section for assuring quality work!

I hope you found this helpful! Leave any questions or comments in the section below or reach me via social media: albanerymaria. 
Part ll will be published this coming Wednesday, following the subject of essentials for your blog page. Happy blogging! xx

Early Autumn OOTD

Oct 13, 2015

If I could wear one thing for a long time, it would most certainly be a "T Shirt Dress". This trend took over this past summer and for me, its sticking its way around Fall. Unfortunately, its going to be a while until I experience some cooler air since I'm in Florida. Womp! What I miss most from New Jersey is experiencing all four seasons. I would love to be walking around in layers, scarfs, and trench coats, but its simply too hot for such things at this time. That aside, I could appreciate the freedom in wearing shorts and dresses and not worrying about a thing when I go out for a quick errand. I guess there are pros and cons to a late start in fresher weather. 
Shop The Look: Forever 21
I styled this top with low cut booties to give it that seasonal transition vibe and add volume to the look. The fluff that you see sticking out of my boots are actually socks! I got two reactions at work when I wore this outfit. 
            Reaction #1: "Oh my God! That's so cute! How unique, where did you get those!?"
            Reaction #2: "What are thooooose?!" 
Literally. LOL. I had a graceful response to both and I'm thankful I'm confident enough to wear whatever I wish whether its fashionably accepted or not! Ha! I found my bag at H&M earlier this year and have been obsessed since because its shape is similar to the mini luggage from Celine; which is a bag noted in my dream-list. The oversized shades and top knot complete this look with chic and effortless vibe!
Fun Fact: When I was about 3-14 months old, my mother use to dress me with pretty shoes and socks like these for pretty occasions (I know because of pictures, not because  I remember :P)! I knew for a fact she would appreciate this look.
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