Born This Way | Sincerely, Too Faced

Nov 23, 2015

The packaging is definitely one of the most attractive in my foundation collection. I especially love the matte finish to the glass and gold detailing! 

This foundation claims to have some skincare benefits, with ingredients to promote youthful appearance, brighten the skin tone, encourage elasticity, and improve moisture levels. 
I found that applying this product with a damped beauty blender gave me the best result. In the beginning, I was shocked at how "skin-like" this appeared and felt, so I can join the 98% that said this foundation made their skin look perfect. It definitely provides a natural coverage, which in my opinion isn't as intense as medium to full coverage. To blur imperfections I must apply a second coat. I have oily skin and I have to say this foundation better suits those with more normal to dry skin. I can't go more than 3.5-5 hours without needing to pat down with powder. On 2 occasions I wore this foundation to work (about an 8-10 hour day) and I was so greasy by the end of my shift let alone when I came off. For me, this foundation works well if I'm going on a brief errand. I really love the feel and application, but it doesn't sit well with me for long-term use.

I am in the color Natural Beige and it matches me perfectly! This foundation is $39. While the color-match and texture is great, longevity is a must for me. I don't think I will be repurchasing because I would like to have something I get more use out of for that price. If you tend to have drier skin, I'd say give this a shot. 

Note: This is not a sponsored post. This product was purchased by and for my personal use. All thoughts/opinions are true and my own.


Essence of Style

Nov 16, 2015

Since I could ever remember, I have always been one to get looks when entering a room and commonly get the questions: "Where's that from!?" "So cute. Where'd you buy that?" "How much was this?! I need it!"...and almost always "You should work in the fashion industry" is suggested. For some reason or another, I always blew off that suggestion and to be quite honest it would sort of bother me. Don't get me wrong- I've had my share fair of years with obsessed shopping, keeping up with latest trends, and having an odd excitement for September; not only is it my birthday, but its like New Year for the fashion world and the magazine spreads are AAH-MAZING! Perhaps this may come off as a little contradicting, but the truth is I never cared much for what was on the runway or "fashion" per say. I found it more exciting to see what people were showing off on the streets, whether it was on the way to a show, a cafe, a meeting. Fashion is so temporary. I honestly cannot keep up. However, over the years I have had a deep appreciation for style. Style is so incredibly personal. This can have so many definitions!

Since becoming a mother, my perspective has shifted significantly. Now at 23, I find myself on a new venture to completely wipe out my closet and start new. I've been wanting and needing to make some changes to my wardrobe to replicate what I feel internally. These days I find myself obsessing with the concept of less being more. Here's an idea of what style is to me...

  1. Simple - Its the essence of elegance to begin with. The core of peace. I want my clothes and the way I carry myself to cultivate my style in the most calm way and never misrepresent who I am and what I stand for.
  2. Elegance - Like the prior point, to be simple is to be elegant. Elegance isn't loud. It is silent and ever so present. Elegance is noticed even in the most effortless way.
  3. Classic - It is all about timeless pieces and colors. The blacks, the whites, the greys, the neutrals. I will be toning down my wardrobe and it will mostly consist of muted, but rich solid colors.
  4. Harmony - As graceful as can be. From quality, to pattern, to texture, everything is cohesively expressed and does not bring any disturbance.
  5. Personal - In my book, easy and sensual. As a (soon) wife and mother, my aim isn't to let myself go, but it is about making it easy on myself while still keeping a touch of sensuality. 
The stages and times in my life guide my style. Of course this differed 4 years ago, and may very well change 6 years from now. Regardless of times, its important that I remain true to my instincts and feel comfortable with myself. My goal is to always be in tune with who I am. I want this to reflect on my blog (updates coming soon), the way I speak, what and who I listen to, and in general the way I approach situations in life. My mind is and will always be open because there is and will
always be so much to learn.


Everyday Concealer | Maybelline's Age Rewind

Nov 5, 2015

For years this has been my go-to, every day concealer. I remember its release back in 2009! Gurus were obsessed with the product, but skeptical about the sponge-like applicator. That con is a huge one considering it may be unsanitary, BUT (there's a huge but) it really is the perfect little sponge to apply this product. I like to apply this concealer in bouncing motions under my eye area. From what you see in the photo, I have used every last bit of this product. I go through one of these tubes about every 2 months or so. The softness of this product is perfect for everyday wear. Its easily bendable (the tips of your fingers will do) and super creamy! It does an amazing job at concealing and highlighting! To conceal, I use the color "light", which is more yellow-based and suites my olive under tone, and for highlighting purposes I love the "neutralizer".
This product is in the $6-8 range at the drugstore and it is well worth every penny!
Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions stated are true and my own. 


Sugar Paper LA 2016

Nov 4, 2015

When Sugar Paper announced they were releasing their 2016 collection at Target the first week of this month, I was literally itching at the thought and vision of finally holding these gems in my hands! To tell you the truth, I visited Target on a daily basis 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the month to see if maybe there would be some sort of surprise-earlier-release. I called first thing in the morning on November 1st and arrived at Target when the boxes were out and the employees were stacking them on the shelfs. I sent my best friend photos and captioned them "stalker status" since we joked back and forth about how crazy excited we were to see and purchase these planners! I have accepted that this is who I am. Someone who's beyond obsessed with stationery items and especially planners. I expressed this to my biffle, and she gave me a sense of relief when she said, "hey, at least its not a bad one (regarding my obsession) it could be worse, like eating cotton or something" ...I could not contain my laughter! Have I lost you yet? My point is I felt a little guilty with all of the planners I had and constantly asking myself "Do I really need this one?" "Wow, I really like that one!" I have come to terms with myself and if all of my budget is okay, and my priorities are managed, then I can splurge on these if I want! It brings me so much joy!
Month At Glance
I believe this collection is the absolute best Sugar Paper have released thus far. The best thing about it is that it is more than your everyday planner. It has split sections to really dig into your to-do's and your goals. It features areas higher-end (more expensive) planners like the Day Designer have, at an affordable price point. The months are tabbed, so you'll find your place easy with no hassle, and the weeks follow right along, unlike some planners where the months have their own section (like the Rifle Paper Co which I did a post on here).
Monthly Focus
This is where I  almost fainted... after the month at a glance, you'll see a spread to tune in your monthly focus. To the left you'll find a whole page dedicated to monthly notes and to the right you'll find space for:
  • Work goals
  • Financial goals
  • Personal Goals
  • Focus on...
  • Important dates
  • etc.
PERFECT. Organizing my thoughts on paper is essential to my living. I can't see this being dysfunctional for anyone who wants to break down their priorities and get down to business. Every line has a check box for those who thrive off of checking tasks off their lists! Idk why, but I love the "etc." box! 

Weekly Focus and Week on a Page it gets even better. The weeks' focus spread, accompanied by the week on a page view is probably what I have been needing all along! I can't stress how effective the planning methods of these sheets are! To the left you'll find space for:
  • Top 3
  • To Do
  • To Call
  • To E-mail
  • To Buy
  • Don't Forget
  • This Week's Goal
My heart races with excitement because this type of break down literally leads to productivity and clarity for the beginning and through the week! The top 3 is my favorite because it decreases overwhelm and increases focus! My one and only complain would have to be that I cannot fold it back due to its book-like binding, despite the spiral bound within. However everything else is so perfect, along with the thinness as well, that I don't mind this flaw. It looks really, really chic! 

Sprial, with a book-like bind. Thin and sleek!
I also picked up a monthly planner (solely) for the purpose of blog planning. (I have another one for meal planning :P) The black and white strips was something I was incredibly excited for - even for props in photos! It's such a classic design in my opinion!
Monthly Planner
I have always loved their monthly spread. You can see other Sugar Paper Posts I've done here. Its similar to the one seen in the signature planner above and other Sugar Paper versions! Its simple and the boxes are spacious enough for notes, reminders, and/or sticky tabs (which is something I use a lot to plan out my blog work). This planner is so thin, as it only consists of the months in the years, and I love the feel! It fits anywhere like paper!
Monthly Spread with a side of Notes
Hopefully (and probably) I will show these in a video soon. They are my favorites right now, along with the Day Designer, which is for a stronger focus on my actual day. If you are a blogger (or want to be one), an entrepreneur, a mom with a lot going on- at home or employed, a student... a person who really wants to strategize their month, week, and time THIS IS FOR YOU! Go and grab, because they sell out fast and are only released on an annual basis and the design isn't promised for next year. I'm not going to lie, I'm thinking about going back to Target and purchasing a few more of these two to just have them for 2017 - I know that sounds crazy, but what if Sugar Paper decides not to make them again? Or move around the layout? It is too perfect to lose! Better safe than sorry! ;)

Note: This post is not sponsored. All products were purchased by me and all opinions/thoughts are true and my own.
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