3 Tips For Lasting Lipstick

Mar 30, 2016

A bold lip takes both a little courage and a little maintenance. With the warmer weather upon us, everything we are wearing is prone to slip up. Regardless of the formula you are wearing, these tips guarantee the longevity of your product!

  1. LINER
Even wearing liner alone has become a thing! I would argue that this is due to its lasting power. Beneath lipstick, liner serves as a great primer to help lipstick actually adhere to the lips. It is great to also outline or over-line the lips; which apparently is a trend Kylie Jenner made 10x more popular. Outlining your lips prior to lipstick application is a great idea because it reduces the chance of "lipstick bleeding", and keeps the product within measures.

     2. COATING

We do it with our polishes- why not go on with our lips? Coating is key! Layer your lips multiple times and that last coat will act as a seal- making it the cherry on top! To remove excess product, grab a tissue and gently pat 2-3 times. 

     3. POWDER

Yes, powder. A translucent one would be best. Just like you would top it over foundation (not sure if you have noticed the re-purposing patterns by now, haha!) pat that powder over the lipstick just to lock the product in place. If you have a glossy, lustre, satin, or amplified type of formula, you can pat the powder to mattify the lip! Yep, thank me later. However if you wish to keep that slight sheen, you can actually skip this step to not compromise the look, and stop at the blotting technique in the previous tip. 


Editor's Choice 03-2016

Mar 28, 2016

I hope everyone had a memorable and calming Easter weekend. My son and I haven't felt well for about a week or so and I was forced to call out of work on Friday. It was a bummer to me because I've had perfect attendance for over a year. Of course nothing comes before my sons care and well-being, so a mama's got to do what a mama's got to do! We spent Good Friday snuggling up, eating warm foods and drinking lots of liquids. Easter Sunday was very traditional for us. We went to church as a family and then had some Japanese food; Hibachi for lunch! It was so delicious! Noah was the star of the table since this time around he could sit in a high chair and make us all laugh. I can't believe a year ago he was a tiny baby snuggled in his carseat where ever we went, and now he's almost running.
Well, March is practically over! How are we headed into the 4th month of the year? That is seriously beyond me. I think this is the fastest I've ever felt a year go by. Maybe it has to do with raising a child or paying bills. Whatever the case, its scary. My favorites this month were things that literally comforted me in one way or another.

  • Tarte Lash Curler - I'm obsessed! Lately I haven't really bothered with make-up, but curling my lashes has made all the difference. I love this tarte one and a perk is that it comes with one of their best selling mascaras!
  • Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry - This is an all-time fav. Lately I've been dapping it on my lips and it brings me the best and most subtle hint of color. Perfect to wear with a bare, moisturized faced. 
  • White Bath Towels - Maybe I'm in desperate need for a getaway... I recently purchased Nate Berkus towels from Target and I'm obsessed. They're so thick and cozy. They remind me of high-quality resort towels! A girl can dream.
  • Magazines & Blogs - I've been doing a whole lot of reading in different magazines and blogs. Porter was one of my favorite reads this month and it seemed it was one of the most instagrammed mag by fellow creatives! I'm obsessed with reading and it has most definitely become my "me-time" with a cup of coffee. Best. thing. ever. 
  • Concrete pot planters - I've turned into a plant mama and I've bought some concrete planters for my living space and my office. I absolutely love the contrast this gives my white walls! 
  • Facial Oil - this Tarte oil is a dream. I've been tuning a lot more into my skin and have noticed dry areas around my nose and forehead which is extremely rare for me... I'm pretty oily. At night after cleansing and toning, I press in 2-3 drops of this oil before bed. My skin feels so hydrated in the morning! I wish I had done this sooner.
  • Pajamas - When I'm home with my son I'm in PJ's more often than not. Last night I was thinking I should change this because it makes me feel less productive... but its so comfortable! I can't get myself out of them. 

Beauty: Why Less Is More

Mar 23, 2016

In today's post I considered reviewing a product, but instead I decided I'd open up about some reflection I've had lately on make-up. Maybe 1.5-2 years ago or so I would have wanted every new product that launched. I had to have it and I would sacrifice things in other aspects of my life to attain it.

I'm so glad to say things have genuinely changed. When I first got into watching YouTube videos (particularly beauty gurus/vloggers), their ever-growing collection brought me amazement. Sometimes the products are sent entirely for review or sponsorship and other times it was purchased (as told by them). Some thing about seeing an entire room of make-up these days just doesn't wow me. If anything, it overwhelms me. Maybe it has to do with me applying practicality to my life. I, a mother, a wife, an every day woman. When beauty isn't my career (guru, make-up artist, free-lancer, etc) I just find it so unnecessary. I only have one face. I don't need 15 different foundations and an endless collection of lipstick. Although some variation is nice, I just don't tend to go overboard anymore.
Besides product collection, another thing that has completely changed with me is my desire to wear an entire face of make-up. As some would call it "cake face". I literally repel the thought. I don't find it attractive (I don't think I ever did), but I can say there were times where I definitely applied more stuff than I do now. A lot of it stemmed from insecurities. I could never leave my house without foundation or my brows filled in! And then there was a time where I simply thoroughly enjoyed the application process and trying new things. It's so strange how when we swear by something we think its never going to change and then life happens and we evolve and so does our taste and actions towards things.
If you've my recent read posts about personal style, minimalism and down-sizing, then you might understand where I'm coming from. I'm making it a point to only have the necessary. The bare essentials. To be content with what I have and use the good stuff until its done and I need a new bottle or compact. I'm making my skin a priority in all this and taking the best care of it I possibly can. Wearing less make-up feels so incredibly good to me now. Being able to simply enhance whats naturally there brings me much joy rather than altering and covering up as much as I can. Enhancing the nature of my beauty has become a lot more compelling to me.

Disclaimer: there's nothing wrong with anyone who's into what ever I'm opposing. This is simply a documentation of my journey in beauty. This isn't to say I won't buy new products or test anything out. This is about less being more and the peace that accompanies that as well as embracing an enhancement of our natural self.

Going Blonde

Mar 21, 2016

It's just one of those things I ticked off my bucket list. I've always wanted to be tan with some level of blonde. Not forever, but for a certain period of time. Growing up I was never allowed to experiment with anything regarding my hair and body. I was really restricted with clothes, wasn't allowed to wear certain size or style of earrings or dye my hair at all. Not even peek a boo highlights! No piercings outside of the ordinary, no makeup... you get the point - #conservatives. I got away with polish because I wouldn't show off my hands around the house. 
If you have read my recent post More About the Self, you would now know of my struggles with expression and how I'm making it a point to be unapologetically myself. The older I get, the more I realize how horrible it is to limit one's creative expression- especially a child. I'm so thankful deep down I always looked forward to having the freedom that comes with age, and to be able to express myself in the way I wanted was a dream I knew I would make a reality. I knew it was ok to do the things I wanted because they would be fun. They wouldn't cause myself or others any harm. 

I first dyed my hair when I turned 18 because they wouldn't tell. I just wanted to intensify my natural black/brown. I loved it, and they didn't even notice. When I was turning 21 I decided you know what! This is my hair! I'm going to get some highlights. And I did. Except my hair got incredibly damaged... resulting in me having to cut basically all of my length off. I regretted it :(. Over the course of 2 years I just let it be. I stayed black/brown, I let my hair grow and grow until the top half was virgin again. Did you know it was possible to have virgin hair completely over again? I was mind-blown upon learning this fact, but if you think about it... duh! The hair in your roots is always new and your roots eventually become your ends. The healthiest thing you can do with your hair is cut a few inches every 2 1/2 - 3 months. 
Fast forward to today... I started this process about a week ago with my stylist. She has educated me so well during this change and I'm using the best products to maintain the integrity of my hair. My hair isn't bleached at all! She's working it by lifting horrible black box dye and going as light as she can via color. Today I decided to post a peek on Insta and my friends have gone nuts sending me comments, messages, and texts requesting more pictures and are stunned at my boldness #thuglife. My hair actually isn't at my goal yet and I will return in 2-3 weeks to finish. I'm actually not going to be entirely blonde. I'm going for an ash-blonde ombré with a deeper base. I'm really excited to reveal my end-result! With patience and just a few more weeks we will get there. Thanks for the compliments and positive vibes! Stay tuned! 
And remember: life is simply too short to be afraid to try the things we want to try. 

More About the Self

Mar 20, 2016

It wasn't too long ago I was struggling so deeply with who I was in the midst of enormous changes that took part in my life. You know, big deals like having a baby and getting married. As much as I love these roles, it really took a spin on my personality and behavior. Sometimes positive, other times complicated. Sometimes drastic, other times gentle. Today I'm not even sure where to begin, but I've had this topic of personal style deep in my heart. I feel like I need someone to spill it to and what (my blog) and who (you/reader) better to go to.

I am currently 23 years old, turning 24 in September of this year. When I look at what I'm passionate about and my circle of inspiration, it seems a shining age is 26-28. An age where things started actually happening in their lives and their careers. At 23, I often find myself late. I know when I'm 42 I'll probably read this post and look back at myself and feel a little sorry. I know I am so incredibly young today, but something about being married and raising a child has made me feel aged and forgotten. I've had a difficult time finding balance to attend to my passions, my self, my husband, our home, and most importantly our son. Sometimes I get these 'ah-ha' moments where its understandable why older folks would say your early 20s is such a young time to get married and have children. I think its because its such an imperative time to find yourself. The stubborn side of me would argue and say I have it all together, but realistically speaking, its hard. Damn hard.

I'm going through a phase of suffocation. I feel so suffocated and conflicted with what I want to do in and with my life versus what those who are close to me may think of it. I grew up in a home where I was barely allowed to express myself. I don't want to use dramatic terms like all or nothing, but the truth is I was barely allowed to do anything while being raised by an incredibly strict and old-fashioned family. There's an itch in myself to blog about that topic more because its so raw and real. I know I'm not the only one. I would say that has caused so much damage and has repeatedly held me back with things I want to do and things I want to express. Although I live with my husband and son, and have my own independence, I still feel bound to that strictness I grew up with. Its such a compelling feeling when I'm out somewhere and realize I can buy what ever I want, wear what ever I want, do what ever I want, essentially, now. I don't have anyone hovering over my head saying, "No."

I remember a year ago when I first stepped into fire (metaphorically speaking) and got a tattoo. I was literally terrified of what my family was going to think and say of me- because at this point I mean they couldn't hurt me or anything... but I did it. I got my tattoo on Valentines day of last year. It was a gift to myself that spoke volumes. A permanent decision I made for myself, by myself. Without anyones say or approval. I have to say nothing has been more liberating. I did get heat from my family. I felt a little sad because besides not wanting to hurt anyone, I was frustrated about the fact that they expected their philosophy of life to dictate every step of my way. But time passed and I just realized something: I have to live for me. That's 100% selfish, but I take it with a grain of salt. Of course I have my boundaries because I am after all a mother and a wife, but if you follow what I'm saying here is that at the end of the day I have this life. ONE life. The days go on and so do the weeks and the months and the years... and I don't want to die knowing there were all these little or big things I wanted to do and couldn't because someone said No, or because it wasn't "culturally correct", or because I would hurt so and so's feelings. I'm talking simple things, like dying my hair a color other than black, getting a piercing in a different section of my ear, getting a small (my personal preference) tattoo, and things among those lines.

It isn't that I don't value the opinion of those who matter to me, but its more of my opinion influencing my decision over all. PS... do you appreciate free-write posts? Because I feel like I'm falling off track trying to articulate what I want this to be about... anyway, I'm continuing to define what style is to me and what I like and don't like, what I am willing to try and what not, except now there's not much conflict in myself. 2016 has been challenging so far in many areas of my life, but as I'm opening my eyes to certain circumstances, I am realizing a part in the depths of me is crying day and night to be expressed and heard. So I'm going to express it and I'm going to let it be heard and be seen.

I am going to be me, unapologetically. 

Bronzer: Hoola by Benefit

Mar 16, 2016

Hoola by Benefit, $15-$29 sold at Sephora or Ulta
Here's a fun fact: this was my first "high-end" bronzer when I initially got into conturing. Having bought it years ago, it still remains as staple in my collection today. The coolness to this product suits so many skin tones. Its a versatile piece for me and I can use it for bronzing as well as enhancing bone structure. There's a grey-ish undertone here, which is more apparent to the illusion of bone than a warmer tone is; which would be more orange-based. It has a soft, blendable formula which isn't too powdery so it adheres greatly on the skin leaving a gentle, seamless finish. It has great longevity and doesn't get muddy as it wears on throughout the hours. I can always pull a full 8-9hr work day without have to retouch with this product! Whether you want to fake a tan or just hint some color on the skin, this is for you. It is very matte so don't expect a glimpse of shimmer from this little gem. The standard size Hoola Bronzer is $29, but I was soooo happy to learn they released a mini size for half the price ($15)! If you're hesitant to purchasing the bigger one, give the mini a go. The pro here is that a little goes a long way, as it is very pigmented! The regular size one could last me 12-18 months so for me the price isn't a bother giving that the product is so well worth it!

Benefits of a Content Calendar

Mar 14, 2016

Last week I posted my tips on making blogging less overwheming. I've gotten messages on how to keep up with the scheduling aspect of it, so today I'm sharing my key to avoiding those last-minute scrambled posts you (blogger) and I have had: a content planner or calendar. If you're serious about A. being consistent B. post organization C. intentional posting D. all of the above - then this is for you! Here's why you should attain an organizer when it comes to this matter.

  • post organization - once or twice a month I intentionally look at the weeks that lie ahead and months at a glance. With my posting days set, I begin to visualize content around that. For example: I know every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11 am, a faithful reader is expecting fresh content. To ease my process, I also know what category pertains to what day. This gets the ideas flowing is a neater matter with a more relevant spread.
  • intentional content - based on the information around the posting schedule, I'm able to produce a well thought-out layout of the content I want to release within the next coming weeks. My goal is to publish something of value to my readers. Whether its informative or inspiring, the intent is for it to be valuable to them. Having a calendar in which I can oversee the posts will help me stay relevant while my intention is alive with every new topic.
  • post preparation - having a content planner is like having a board that allows you to dictate when and what. With having what to publish and when to post it, I can prepare other dues in relevance to the topic I'm set to compose. I can start drafting the post, taking the photography I need, scheduling social media, buying any component necessary, or what ever else. 
I have a "homework" or "project due" mindset when it comes to my blog. Most of the time I'm preparing content 1-2 weeks before its actual release. The planner/calendar view helps me stay relevant with time and serves as a vision board. Let's say you're a beauty blogger and you've planned your posts ahead of time, but you have a sponsored post coming up due or a new product that has been released, having a board is nothing permanent, but more of a guide. You can swap things around as needed to stay relevant and ease the blogging flow.
With all of this said, remember blogging should be fun. It's a lot of work for those who put out thoughtful content and invest time in editing, photography, and/or filming, but at the end of the day it should be something that's enjoyed above all. In my case, keeping this method encourages motivation and keeps me looking forward to something. It also allows me to give any heads up as well to my viewers about anything upcoming, and I can actually stick to what I say since its somewhat pre-planned behind the scenes. 
Don't let this overwhelm you! Its meant to do the opposite. If blogging works best out of the whim for you, then so it be. From personal experience, growth and higher reach do come from quality and consistency. 

The Secret to Beautiful Hands & Nails

Mar 9, 2016

A combination of things in my opinion showcase beautiful hands. Do you ever sit and realize how amazing our hands are? Without my hands, it would be very difficult to type up this post and take the photography I needed. I developed an obsessions with hands when I started getting into nail polish (serious addiction) at some point early in high school. I remember saving extra pennies to get a new polish every time I went to get some groceries. OPI, Essie, and Revlon were among my favorites! I believe I've inherited this from my maternal great-grandmother. Abuela Lucia always had beautifully painted cherry red nails with not one chip in sight! She was one elegant woman! During my pregnancy, another little addicting grew on me... balms. Lotion, moisturizer, what ever you want to call it. Having my hands hydrated at all times is a must! I always get compliments on my hands/nails at work. I decided to share how I keep up with it in this post!

  1. shape - have you ever heard that the most attractive people are those who's face are perfectly symmetrical? I believe this is true for our hands as well! Well-kept filed, shaped nails are a must-do for the overall appearance of our hands. Think of a shape that suits your style best and keep up with it. I love mine short and squared with slightly rounded edges.
  2. cuticles - I push my cuticles back on a day to day basis because I can't cut them myself due to having super sensitive skin! I always end up bleeding :/ so I leave that up to the pro's. Keeping your cuticles neat elongate the nail and makes a world of a difference. I actually can't stand to see overgrown cuticles it seriously grosses me out. Lol. Its just dead skin taking over your nail... how gross is that? Don't let it happen to you! To soften them, brush some coconut or olive oil over top and let it sink in for a couple minutes.
  3. polish - my biggest tip with polish is double-coating! Coating your nails multiple times adds to the depth of color and increases contrast. Sometimes I wait 3 minutes after my second coat and go in a third time- but this depends on the color and quality of polish.
  4. protect - a top coat is essential. I'm down for anything thats going to prolong the wear of my polish. When it adds gloss even better! 
  5. hydration - once your nails are in shape, hydrating your hands is literally the cherry on top. Super healthy, hydrated skin will attract attention and balance out that mani. A favorite and more affordable option is the Soap & Glory Hand Food and a higher end option is the Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm which I mentioned in my Editor's Choice post.
After my evening shower, I always rub body oil all over and let it sink into the skin. For the past year or so I've been using the Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame Formula, Fragrance Free. I love it because it leaves no greasy residue and keeps my skin glowing. Bringing the focus back to the hands, I also rub it in there and wake up with super soft, healthful hands. 

3 Tips to Make Blogging Less Overwhelming

Mar 7, 2016

If you're a blogger, then I'm sure you've found yourself overwhelmed with the whole blogging process from thinking of what to post every time to delivering content. Don't let something you love to do suck the life out of you! It shouldn't get to that point, but like everything else we involve ourselves with, realistically speaking, it can. Today I'm sharing my top 3 tips that ease the process for me and would possibly make it easier on you, too! For me, its allowed me to be more purposeful in my blogging routine and aware of what I like and dislike.

Creative Process - If you really love blogging, then this could possibly be your favorite part. The creative process ranges from the peaks of inspiration to the final editing details. During my personal creative process, I set aside a couple hours to focus on my vision for whatever content I want to bring forward. This involves brainstorming, searching, composing, photographing, and edifying. I usually draft 3-5 posts within 1-3 hours (depending on the load), and save to edit at a later time. That way I have a skeleton to work around with any coming photos or research I need to include. A yummy drink (usually a latte) or treat is always with me during this time.

Plan - I think its a good idea to have a designated day or time to dedicate to planning for your blog. We may get all caught up in our work and personal lives and that's how we come to realize its been 3 weeks (or months) and our blog has been neglected. My favorite aspect of planning is listing. I am a list-freak! If you come over my place, you're bound to find sticky notes all over with tiny to do's and reminders. It simplifies everything for me and I look forward to completing the task just for the satisfaction it brings me to tick it off the list! In my moleskin, I create a list for a variety of tasks that include products to gather, things to photograph, information to search further, drafts to edit, social media and content schedule to oversee.

Schedule - Scheduling content is a blog-saver! I stress in previous blogging-related posts that the key to success here is quality content and consistency. Scheduling your posts promises that consistency! Let's face it, most times we have less time available then what we wish to put towards blogging. Especially if we flush out content multiple times a week- which draws more traffic and awareness and could potentially result in more growth. Aside from that, it lifts a load off our shoulders. When I go to bed knowing I have 4-5 posts prepared for publication I sleep so much better (yes, its that serious for me- hah)! Above all else, I its essential to remain loyal to your readers as they come back for more while not burning yourself out.

A blogging buddy is great on so many levels! They can relate to your happenings and are there to listen and understand the struggles of a blogger. Don't be afraid to reach out and make some blogging friends! Its such a good feeling when we can refresh ourselves by supporting one another and bounce off ideas and inspiration to get us going. If you fancy reading more tips from me click here for more posts!

Editor's Choice 01-02/2016

Mar 6, 2016

Welcome to my first segment of the editor's choice, which will be a monthly reoccurrence of my favorite or most used products/items for the month. In essence, monthly favorites. I'm combining January and February together this time because I just came up with this idea. Hah! 

January 2016:
In January I was so busy finalizing the details of my son's first birthday. The only thing on my mind was that; along with running constant errands. There were 4 particular things that I can recall being unable to live without!

  • Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm - this is one of the best hand balms I've ever had. The smell is pretty unique and unlike something I've ever tried before, but I got use to it. It has a strong lingering tangerine aroma. It leaves my hands so moisturized and hydrated! If only the skin on my face looked that good.
  • Zara sweater - we've had a relatively chilly winter here in Orlando this year. I have loved it. Its at actually March and the chillys morning and nights continue. I can't get enough of this super cozy sweater I got at Zara. Pair with leggings- most comforting thing ever. I can sleep in it!
  • Fringe Backpack - I use a backpack as a diaper bag because I find it much easier to move around and care after Noah when my hands are free and theres nothing juggling on my side. I honestly don't ever think I'll have a traditional diaper bag since having this! 
  • Black ankle boots - a staple item for sure! Probably my most favorite foot wear next to Nike trainers. It literally just goes with everything and anything! I also like how my legs look in them.
February 2016:
I was utterly obsessed with refurnishing our apartment. We have a new dining table, couch, tv unit, and some accent stuff. I really don't know what got into me, but all of the sudden I had an urge to change everything. My surrounding wasn't inspiring me and truly I just wasn't at peace with how things looked. I wanted my space to be more cohesive. I needed more contrast and visual balance. I searched endlessly through interior magazines and Pinterest and this really helped me discover my aesthetic. I wanted a grey couch since our walls are white. I thought this would be the perfect addition because its a lot softer than black. I don't want any harsh colors! Luckily, my husband agrees with just about everything when it comes to my choice of interiors. Black and white pillows would give it the perfect balance, so I went with my favorite- the Stockholm ikea pillow and a simple black and white striped one. I also have a throw added for more coziness. The combination is perfect and every time I walk into my living area I can't help but feel comforted and at peace- which is exactly what anyones living space should provide. 
I'm also madly obsessed with greenery. I think I get it from my mama. She has a beautiful balcony filled to the T with all types of plantations! It adds so much life to any space. I have a few small plants around the apartment, but I brought home a relatively tall and wide palm! I'm obsessed. I've always love palm trees! They remind me of the motherland- Dominican Republic. Its really calming to have them because it reminds of such a tropical setting. 

That's all for this segment! These posts will be really simple as you may be aware of my minimalism journey. Editor's Choice (month/year) will be an opportunity for me to keep note and gratitude for the little that I have. 

Signature Fragrance: Chloé

Mar 4, 2016

CHLOÉ Eau de Parfum Spray $75 - $130
I can't remember where exactly, but I read somewhere a lady should find her signature fragrance before the age of 30. I thought that was pretty elegant. Scent is a very powerful thing! It is actually the primary trigger of memory. I'm surprised at this fact because it beats sight and texture. Anyway, a signature fragrance for me is a staple of style. I wanted a soft-scented, everyday delicate wear of supreme quality; that's where CHLOÉ, the original, steps in.
I'm obsessed with the packaging alone! It looks so lovely on my vanity upon other goods. It lasts all day, and I love how it lingers on my clothes when I wear the pieces over again. It's fresh and feminine, sensual, but not over-powering. It has a rosey-powerdry aroma and its so comforting. I love that I discovered it during my first year of motherhood! They have other variations, like the Roses De Chloé which exudes a more intense floral scent, and Love Story which has more of a wood-base. The Original is the perfect in-between for me and I can't get enough of how sophisticated and inviting it is!

Everyday Facial Gentle Cleanser

Mar 2, 2016

Cetephil Daily Facial Cleanser, $7 at drugstores
A cleanser that is both gentle and effective is exactly what I seek for daily-use. I can't say enough good things about the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser! This product has exceeded my expectations throughout the years and definitely lies among the best drugstore options for normal to oily skin.
I started using this cleanser at some point in high school when I started paying attention to my skin and it has been my go-to since. I used it religiously throughout my pregnancy and found that it did an amazing job at balancing my skin and improving its texture. I have acne-prone skin and this completely diminishes the chances of breaking out. It lathers so softly upon applying it, it almost feels like baby shampoo! I always follow up with moisturizer just because I love the feeling of hydrated skin, but this doesn't dry out the skin at all and you can go without if you wish. Your face will feel like new and super refreshed after every wash. I use this daily, morning and night.
If you're wondering how good of a job it does at removing make-up, its excellent, but I do recommend removing makeup with a make-up remover wipe (I love the Neutrogena cleansing towelettes) prior to the cleansing process for best results. If you're seeking a basic, everyday facial cleanser with a non-irrirting formula that soothes as it cleans, then I say go for this one!          
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