My Diaper Bag: Honest Co City Backpack

I had been eyeing this gem for a few months before I got it. I told my husband its what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I’m so grateful I got it! I went back and forth between their Elephant Gray, Black, and Navy Blue options. I love all three so much! I went with black because really- you could never go wrong with it. I must say I am absolutely in love with this diaper bag and its my favorite one yet. I’ve had a few, but especially at my sons age, this one is the most practical to carry.

I love the disguise. You would never know its a diaper bag, would you? There’s no bottle or sippy cup space other than within the bag. At first I was a bit turned off by this idea because I wanted quicker access to my son’s sippy, but after having the bag I’m glad there are two designated spaces inside. It keeps the overall look of the bag super clean and chic. Its perfectly spacious for what I need on the go and its really comfortable to wear. The straps are thick, which helps the weight of the bag manageable and comfortably balanced on my shoulders. Of course, the reason I opted for a backpack-like diaper bag is so my hands could be free! Running after a toddler happens way more often than I could have ever predicted. My son is very active and I really couldn’t imagine lugging around a a giant side purse-like diaper bag.

The bag is made from vegan leather and it is soft, but doesn’t lose its structure. It has a large insulated pocket for snacks and 5 pocket interiors to keep everything in its place. My favorite thing has to be the back zipper! It gives you quick access to a certain pocket within the back of the bag and here I keep an iPad, my wallet, and the changing pad- which also has an awesome feature; a zipper! So I can carry my diaper-changing essentials and just grab and go with the changing pad alone. You realize how great details like this are when you’re at a busy mall with your husband or something and one can go quickly with the minimal basics to take care of business. And that back secret zipper is such a life saver when I’m on the line to pay at Target or when I get one of those amazing explosions (moms, you know); keeps me from scuffling inside the bag.

I am obsessed with the design. It is definitely functional and I do recommend this bag. I would say it is truly ideal for toddler moms since your hands are free! A huge plus is anyone can wear it, since it compliments both genders. My husband loves it! And yes, I made him hold the bag up for the shots!

Image via Honest

This bag retails for $149.95 and it is available online at Honest and Nordstrom.
This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and are in no way or measure influenced by those in relation to the Honest Company.