Simplify Your Wardrobe, Amplify Your Style

3 tips

Simplify your wardrobe, amplify your personal style… this is definitely my new tag line when it comes to the topic of trend, fashion, style, clothes, accessories and everything in between. If you keep up with me on Instagram or Snapchat (albanerymaria), you may be familiar with how often I’ve been showing my ootd’s and ootn’s. I use to post similarly back in the day, but after having Noah I just didn’t really care to. My style became a lot more simple and something I actually deemed relatively plain and boring. However it doesn’t seem like my Insta and Snap friends feel the same. I’m getting so many questions as of late about where this or that is from, but I opened up about my views on simplicity in the form of wardrobe on my platforms yesterday. I don’t want to translate that I’m a shopaholic or a fashion addict. I barely keep up with trends, honestly, and I’ve always been this way for the most part. I just wear whatever I like and whatever looks and feels good. I don’t think (at all) about whether or not someone may find it appealing or appropriate, to say the least. I dress for myself and I don’t even care if it matches the season! If you know me, you know I dress in layers and ankle or over the knee boots most of the time- even while residing in Florida.

It seems like this form of simplification, gets me a lot questions and comments regarding my style. I think really, people are amazed at how effortlessness and simplicity go hand in hand. Its really something when you look great or look expensive (yes, you can look expensive), and it really took little-to-no work to put yourself together. Style is magical. Its personal. Its you, its something you can be true to. Fashion is inconsistent and ever-changing. Fashion is also kind of mean when you think about it… because if you cant have “this” (what ever is currently cool) then you’re not cool enough. Right? The pressures of it have just never been my think. I find it pointless to be so invested in something that isn’t lasting. Style, however, completely different twist.

3 Ways I’ve Simplified, Yet Amp’ed My Personal Style

  1. Closet Cleanout – this is first and foremost one, if not the most important step in this game. Back in the beginning of the year, I decided it was time. I got so incredibly sick of having clothes EVERYWHERE. Endless laundry, endless choices- yet “nothing” to wear. How does that even make sense? Its the ugly truth of consumerism. “I need this, I want that. This is on sale, so I’m getting it now.” over and over again. Next thing you know you’re infinitely loaded with stuff that was cool last month, but you look at it now and almost feel repulsed by it. It was cool then, but it no longer is. And just like that there are dozens of other pieces lingering your sight and giving you anxiety. These pieces also make you glance at your bank account because you really want what’s in and you need to go shopping… again. I wrote a post back in February all about condensing your wardrobe and I would still apply all those tips today. You can read that post here.
  2. Signature Items – Style is in the personal details. It’s in whatever your friend points at and says, “that one right there! That’s so you!” I find these specs of detail give me the instinct aura of a ‘stylish’ person. You’ll rarely catch me without a lightweight trenchcoat that I can just throw over and walk out with. If you live in Florida like me, you definitely don’t want to invest in a thick-ass trench meant for weather in the negative digits. H&M offers awesome, lightweight ones that are so comfortable to wear and the breeze sways right through them. I own two of these that I actually feel cooler in because the sun isn’t hitting me directly, which brings me to another point: I love these not only to look effortlessly put together, but also for sun-protection. The sun kissing our skin 18 hours a day is nothing good for our skin cells. Another signature item of mine is a boot. Whether its an ankle boot or over the knee- there’s no way an outfit can look off with these. One of my favorite outfits is probably distressed denim shorts, an oversized tee, a lightweight trench, and ankle booties. Instantly chic! Lastly, in my top signature item list, simple accessories. I may have nothing on my arms and hands but my wedding rings and an oversized watch that has all the attention, or a thick chocker if I’m showing my collarbone and want the attention towards my upper body. Accessories add balance to a style based on simplicity.
  3. A Rack of Clothes – If you’re at all familiar with residing in FL, walk-in closets are extremely common. Even small apartments have them! When my friends or family from NY or NJ find this out they’re amazed and suddenly crave that extra space. A walk-in… so dreamy, right? Well, since donating much of my clothes, I keep a simple rack out with pieces that I’m currently alternating during the season. I keep 4-5 shoes on the bottom, and what ever is hanging on the rack will go well regardless of how I wear it. That’s the only reason its up there. I don’t utilize my walk-ins to just stuff them with clothes, because that’s what happens. You see some space and your subconscious whispers you need to fill it. Let’s face it… most of us lack that self control. I’ve shared this idea of a rack holding your current items in rotation and they love it. Its just so simple and choosing an outfit can’t go wrong because the purpose of that rack is to be extremely selective with what you let hang on there. The rack assists you with getting ready on a short notice or just getting ready with no overwhelm. The rack holds your treasured pieces for the season. I have one in my son’s room, too! My little one-year-old also has his capsule collection and dressing him is so, so easy.
So these are 3 super simple tips and ways to start getting rid of the unnecessary and refining your taste. The task doesn’t take much, but a true commitment to believe less is more and working with what’s present is key. If you apply any of this to your lifestyle, let me know how it goes for you!