How To Shop Like A Minimalist

January 24, 2017

and still have style

Shopping for clothes as a minimalist has become more of a therapeutic thing for me which is the farthest thing shopping ever was.  Its simple - when anything is done with intention, its usually a smooth process since it is most likely planned or encouraged by calm. I remember the days (way way back) when I would shop SO carelessly. I wouldn't even try on the items (what was I thinking?!), then again that was way before I became a mom and I was so thin that anything just went (lol). But seriously, then I went through a phase where I couldn't buy a simple shirt without first checking how it fit (those where the days when I became a lot more selective with my purchases, not necessary strict). Now I've found a happy-medium. 

Almost every single time I shop, I have a list of things I'm aiming to find or a specific list if I know the store I'm going to and their inventory (thanks, phone and internet). I now only shop in a few stores anyway, so its not a big deal. You just can't go wrong with simplifying your process using these 3 steps:

Know Your Style - this is where being selective comes in. I rarely ever buy anything bright or tight because its just not my thing. I have a really monochrome wardrobe and its what I feel I look best in so nothing else matters. I use to struggle with this because whatever I liked was either black, white, gray, or tan-ish and I'd tell myself, "ugh, not again. I have something too similar." Then I grew up and finally thought, "SO WHAT!?" Who's getting dressed? Me. Who's living in that clothes? Me. Who has to look at it in the closet? Me. Who's spending the money on it? Me. Who cares if its appealing? Me.... me, me, me, me. The truth is my sense of style comes from within. What makes ME comfortable and happy? That's what I opt for. Not whats trending, not whats in season, not what that girl that always looks at me likes. 
When you shop for yourself and KNOW what you like and feel peace in everything changes. That is when you're personal style truly comes out.

Do Not Impulse Buy - I've been super guilty of "buying because its on sale" like... every time. Who doesn't love a good deal? I think I've come down to only splurging on a "deal" if its on an item I 100% intended to buy AND was ready to pay full price for. Now that's a deal and a steal. Otherwise, just let it be. If it comes back around at another time then so be it. You've gone so long without it and you can surely continue to. PS I'm literally writing what I have to tell myself to encourage self control. Ha! 

Have A Plan - So here you will balance out your selectiveness with being firm and strict about what you're looking for and taking with you. Having a specific list of whatever it is you're lacking or whatever is worn out (aka whatever the reason you're shopping) will help keep yourself focused and tuned with what you left your house seeking. It will also keep your pocket happy after the fact. :)

Now, I'm not going to tell you how many times per year to shop. That's up to you and how you curate your wardrobe to decide. Personally, I sometimes go 2 months without going to the store. I like the idea of shopping seasonally, but I haven't stuck strictly to that concept. I think a true minimalist is definitely strategic and conscious about how they shop. As long as you're not cluttering your space up and stressing yourself out, that's all that matters.

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