How To Throw A Tiny Birthday Party

January 20, 2017

for a tiny human

Although I heavily contemplated throwing my son a fair-sized birthday party this year, that all switched up during my planning process when I quickly realized the party I was aiming to throw was less about him and more about the people I would invite and their kids. We decided to spend my son's 2nd birthday a little different this year and it was actually pretty magical. In my last post, I expand more on that topic and my personal experience with birthdays throughout the years. Since I mentioned not wanting to break my husbands family's birthday traditions, I decided I would have a little something over at our place just with them and our son. We spent the day before his birthday at Disney and look very much forward to spending the next year visiting unlimited times since investing in annual passes! Now what can top that!?


THE DECOR -For Noah's tiny 2nd birthday party, my friend bought a few balloons and we let that loose in the apartment. It gave the party-vibes better than anything else and they're always a sweet reminder when you wake up to them floating around the next morning. We added some greenery with a few leaves around the treats I displayed and it seriously gave the best touch! I used vases to keep some river rocks (for the aesthetic) and marshmallows in place. I threw in some string lights to surround the sweets and it gave it a really warm and homey feel.

THE SET UP - the breakfast bar in my place became the refreshment and goodies center. I had different cutting boards holding up some treats and it gave the view more texture and color. The wooden one displayed some chocolate chips cookies and the slate one mini cupcakes. I placed marshmallows in glass vases to emphasize their look and it worked as a perfect server as well because it didn't get messy. I kept napkins and plates at arms reach along with cups and drinks.

AIM FOR SIMPLICITY - whatever you serve to eat would depend on your guest. I wanted to keep it super minimal so we ordered pizza and the only thing I had to organize was a treats and dessert bar. Everything was in order with that theme in mind and cleaning was super easy! I kept everything monochrome for a uniformed a low-key vibe. 

You'd be surprise at how much class is found in the minimum. Having a small space for a gathering isn't difficult if you just work with what you have. We had conversations and reminisced over the last two years with Noah.

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