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January 17, 2017

investing in effortlessly wearable pieces

I find minimal jewelry to be irresistible because they're all about close attention to detail even from afar. I can't tell you the last time I wore over-the-top, loud pieces because I honestly don't even remember. I was that teenager that went to bed with my huge hoops on (lol, 50 bracelets, and stacked rings. While stacked rings are still my thing, they have a completely different appeal to me. I'm allergic to fashion jewelry, so I buy sterling silver or invest in white and yellow gold. I never, ever buy the cute jewelry at Forever21 and H&M anymore because within a week of wearing the stuff my fingers are green and the pieces themselves are all rusty-looking. If you thinking about it, you might spend more purchasing $5 pieces over the course of the year than doing a one-time $100-150 investment in a timeless piece. I think long-term with everything - even the simplest ring. But I mean, c'mon! It only makes sense.
Mejuri has some of my favorite pieces! I especially love the evil eye chain ring and the bracelet that goes along with it! It has been my favorite piece and I never take it off. I also really love Vria & Oro. They have the finest minimal jewels! They are a brand built on 3 key elements: quality, simplicity, and transparency which are all things I stand for. I also like that their name is half french and half english like Voir Grace! haha, but seriously, their stackable rings are so classic! The lined studs are my everyday earrings. Lastly, I can't end this post without mentioning The Minimal Jewelry! I love their knot bracelet and other abstract jewelry for a change. With them, you have the option of getting good quality sterling or gold-filled pieces if you're on a tight budget. They offer free standard shipping, too!
I love that these brands have the essence of the average minimalist in mind and create quiet designs. Remember, simple never goes out of style.

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