3 Ways To Document Childhood

February 9, 2017

and give them safe access to their history

We live in a time that's so so fast and I'm always afraid of losing track of memories and milestones due to a fault of my own. I barely have pictures of myself as baby, toddler, or a growing kid and I definitely don't know at what age I did what unless I ask my mother. I don't want the same for Noah. I want him to have access into the growing parts of his past and be able to share that with his future family if he wanted to. I'm a journaling-kind of mama. I love writing absolutely every thought and feeling whether its to share or not. I love taking pictures of the little things because I truly believe those little moments turn into the big ones. I realize not everyone has the time or even the creative drive to do things as I do and so I wanted to share 3 simple and unique ways one can document their child's growth in these times.

  1. writing - plain and simply, writing. when my son was born I purchased a journal that would be strictly to release any emotion I felt as a mother and all of  his great and small milestones. I can write for pages at a time or a simple sentence on a given circumstance. Writing is probably one of the simplest ways to check in with ourselves and it doesn't have to be fancy or grammatically correct. If you'd like to put a little more work in it or have it a bit more structured, you can always purchase a Baby Record Book. I have one of those too and that one is super special to me because I brought it to the hospital when I was going to give birth and had his footprint stamped on one of the pages. It also has a few envelopes and folders containing physical photos, baby shower invitation cards, and notes among other things.
  2. instagram - I have a private instagram profile for Noah that only his father and I follow. In this account, I don't worry about how perfectly adjusted or edited a photo is. Most of them are raw with a single and simple caption relating to the photo. This isn't something I think I will ever share publicly. It's a personal time stamp of his growth right before our eyes. Another way I use Instagram as a memory keeper is by using a hashtag I created when he was also first born. Any photo my husband and I post on our accounts, I tag with that specific hashtag and when you trace back there's (so far) over 200 photos of him- and him with us. 
  3. e-mail - I honestly can't remember who told me to do this, but it was a while back and I thought it was truly a brilliant idea. Create an e-mail for the child and throughout time send over all the photos and even little notes if you wish. Everything will be perfectly stamped with time and date and I find that is truly the cherry on top! You don't need to worry about the storage in your phone or losing a photo. It can be up to you to keep this a secret until the child graduates a certain level of school or until their 18th birthday or when they become a parent. The gift would be the password. 
***let the rain of tears begin***
We're in a time where the internet is becoming a safer place. Everything is being digitized and it doesn't seem like its going away any time soon- if anything humans are becoming grandly reliant on it, but in my personal opinion there's still nothing sweeter and more personal than handwriting/handmade. I do embrace changes, though, so I'm really glad to be testing these multiple ways of memory keeping/sharing. If you wish to do this, it's not too late! 

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