How Liking Your Clothes Can Make You Shop Less

February 21, 2017

by putting what you have to good use

The more I grow my minimalist wardrobe, the more often I notice weeks (if not months) go by in between each purchase. I was looking at my rack recently and realized how much I truly love every piece and how that has impacted my desire of less in many aspects. 3 nights ago I went out and wore some faux leather shorts that I've had for years. I really like them because it seems no matter what I pair them with it just goes. The next day came and I wore the pants again... and then the day after that. The fact that I actively love my clothes leaves me needing and wanting less of it. I can't believe once upon a time I would shop, wear the clothes 1-2 times and then never touch it again. Very, very dumb of me, to say the least.  I don't know if it was pride, but if it was, we all know that never lands us in a good place.

Tips for simplifying the process and optimizing the chances of loving your pieces:

Focus on the basics - I can't tell you how many times I'm the happiest and most comfortable in the simplest of pieces. Tune your style because once you have an idea of that you'll have a direction to go in. For me, basics are the staples that put me together. Essential pieces for everyday use that work out no matter the given circumstance.

Forget about everyone else and their expectations - people always project their values, opinions, and fear when asked for an opinion. That's why I barely bother to ask someone for theirs because it rarely ever does me any good. I was in a situation where I had to dress formally to a dinner and I knew the people there would go all out. Not an ounce of me felt pressured to compete with any look or have my style "beat" anyone at theirs (believe me, theres people out there like that), and that night, as simply as I was dressed, I drew so many compliments and attention. Staying true to your style and your intuition is so important- even in choosing elements of your wardrobe. It could undoubtedly have some reflection of who you are and what you feel. It all lies within your confidence and energy.

Create a color palette - this is a strategy that really simplifies shopping for me. My wardrobe is mostly monochrome, but if you love color, don't be intimidated by this idea. You wardrobe can be infused with hues of whatever color(s) you like most or which ever you find most flattering on yourself. I usually never steer away from black, white, grays, neutrals. A color palette encourages a longterm focus on my collection.

Ultimately, the more satisfied you are with what you have, the less your mind will race about wanting. I believe we spend our money wisely when we've exhausted whatever it is we're owning. Isn't that the point of it all anyway?

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