VG SPACE: Accent Table Turned Coffee Table

February 13, 2017

optimizing the use of your furniture 

I'm relatively known for thinking way outside the box. I'd love to consider myself the queen of multi-purposing and repurposing. I do it with a lot, and as of late I've been doing it with furniture. I'm really someone who loves to switch things up often. Whether its moving a piece around or putting it up for sale to get something else. I'm actually pretty obsessed with seeing how people style small spaces. I really couldn't be happier to have 747 square feet to work with because I've become so creative with how I style. I've been looking around for a coffee table and I think I may have found the one, but its a couple hundred dollars and I'm just not ready to buy it yet, so until then I'm going to play around with what I have. I love the versatility and style of nesting tables and layering things so in this post I'm going to share a few ways to use accent tables and planters- yes, planters.

I found this black drum-style accent table and was immediately drawn to it. I had been meaning to get a brass one just like it for my patio, but it has been out of stock since forever. I gave in to the black one when I saw a planter that looked mighty well standing right next to it. I have placed the accent table just slightly under the planter for a nesting effect and I cannot get over its abstract aspect. I've already had a few people ask, "where did you get that!?" as if it came together and I can't help but go into detail about how it may be a good idea to see something and personally style it. You can do with furniture just as you do with clothes! The home can be a reflection of you and your taste. Accent tables usually go on the side of a sofa and there's nothing wrong with that either. I'm using it in the center of my space and that's okay.

Spots To Place An Accent Table

  • to the side of the sofa (typical)
  • between a few chairs in the patio/balcony
  • in the center of the room (why not)
  • off to the side somewhere
  • the bathroom
  • the bedside
  • the bedroom
  • walk-in closet
  • office 
...its an accent table. The word accent means to stress or emphasize and thats exactly what the table should do. Emphasize your space and add some sort of dimension. It can hold any object or even a plant! I love the drum-style because its different and the black because #monochromehome. When I do get the coffee table I'm wanting, I am able to use these two pieces in a dozen new ways. 

The planter is great because the legs throw people off since they're so thin. It is simple abstraction in the center of the living room. See, if it can hold a plant, it can also hold a few magazines, a book or two, a candle, the remote, etc. Its a set-up for occasional vibes while adding charm and functionality. These pieces will be featured in many other places throughout my home like the patio and even the bathroom! 

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