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March 6, 2017

returning to YouTube

So here's something new! I posted a video on my channel after a year in a half of absence. Life and other things kept me away from filming and editing as it is such a hard and time consuming task, but I really do want to focus more on my channel this year. I have the time for it now and it is something I have always wanted to invest in since starting as an extension of my blog. Its funny how this came up because I had no intentions of creating what looks like a lookbook. I recently purchased a backdrop and I was testing out shots and angles (originally with photos only). I decided it'd be a good idea to work with the video clips on an editing platform since its been so long since I have. I honestly thought I had forgotten everything (since it is like a second language) and was going to start all over again... but to my surprise I jumped right in and it was as if I never stopped. When I layered music over the visuals, I felt like it was more than a lookbook. I wanted to create a story that traces vulnerability and being true to ourselves because thats what this whole last year has been about for me.

24 has been such a sweet age in the sense that I have a more clear idea of who I am every single passing day. There are so many times when I look back at my life and either think, "what was I thinking?" or "who was I trying to be?". There's never been a time where I have enjoyed the essence of my freedom as I do today. I think its so important to cater to our intuition and work daily to improve ourselves and impact the world through the knowledge we attain and the choices we make. I've been pretty open on my blog this past year about how I grew up extremely sheltered and caring deeply about outside thoughts and everyones perception of me but myself. Having done this for year, I was always afraid to express myself fully whether it'd be verbally, through my clothes, or my actions. This visual layers the multiple identities I've dealt with on a more personal level. From looking at myself and reflecting on what I've been through and how I've changed, from acting out freely (like going dancing- something I never did before), to dressing how I'd like and not caring, to being more formal and conservative because I'm fine just the way I am and that doesnt have to be justified by no one person or thing.

I hope you're into it and can take from it.

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