Get Ready With Me No.1

May 8, 2017

The almost-everyday, effortless look

Remember a few weeks ago, I posted a video doing my make-up with mostly my fingers... well, I had to take it down because I was afraid I'd get in trouble with copyright rules and music :(. So I created a new one, with a similar concept and a more "get ready with me vibe". On a daily basis, if I apply make-up, its quite a simple procedure. I use my fingers for the most part and stick to a very trusted-few products of my liking. I had posted this photo on my insta-story and got questions on how I attained the look, so I also thought it was a perfect and more creative way to share! Lately, I've been into skin, brows, and smudged pigmented lips!
You can also get a tiny glimpse of my living area here! I have a few videos I'm working on and I can't wait to get the hang of filming, editing, and posting on a more regular basis. 

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