How I Pack My Toddlers Meals

May 4, 2017

on the go, plastic free

The more intentional I become with how I care for my child and what I bring into my home, the more aware I am of how hard and expensive it actually is to live on a more conscious and healthier basis. I can see why people sometimes choose to opt out. Since Noah was about 18 months old, I started to transition all of his plastic toys to wooden. That alone was definitely an investment. Shopping for wooden toys comes with a hefty price, but when I consider all the pros, like their longevity and how how they're gender-neutral, its quickly worth it to me. A few months ago I got rid of all things plastic in my kitchen and more recently have done my research in the best pieces I can afford for Noah's meals on the go. I will let some plastic getaway if its BPA, BPS, and Phthalate free, (like these that are made from recycled jugs), but I prefer to not have it all together.

I found a few pieces that are well-worth the price. Stainless steel is a great option for kids because they're unbreakable. This three-in-one ECOlunchbox has served its purpose during our outings, whether its to Disney World or the park down the street. This little box is made of 3 compartments; one under, one above, and a nesting pod. Noah's 2 years old and lately he's been a little picky. Sometimes he chooses the same thing day after day, a peanut butter  and jelly sandwich with some fruits on the side. I ain't mad. This 3-piece is perfect for packing his little meals. In the "downstairs compartment" a sliced sandwich fits perfectly. You can get as creative as you want- its a lunchbox! Pastas, rice and beans, mac & cheese... whatever your little one chooses to eat. Up top I typically add dry snacks and on the small nesting post I'll add some fruits, usually blueberries, chopped up grapes and/or strawberries.

I love these so much because not only do they pack everything so neatly and are aesthetically pleasing, they're made from high-quality stainless steel and are lead free. One thing to note is that these are not 100% leak-proof and this is because there are no plastic or synthetic gaskets used to prevent leaks. I wouldn't load it with soup or any foods that would leak anyway, so I don't worry about that.

Noah uses small stainless steel utensils and a stainless steel water bottle!

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