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June 15, 2017

Where a lot of my ideas are born

For two or so months, I browsed the web thoroughly in hopes of finding my dream work table. I was willing to invest in something I could take to my next place (which will hopefully be an owned home), and I wasn't going to buy whatever just fit or looked "okay". I had decided I wanted something with rustic vibes and if I could get hairpin legs with it, then it would be perfect! I wasn't sure about the size I necessarily wanted, but I knew I needed space. I cannot stand to write or be in a place where I'm crowded with papers and items. I found this desk online and its always a risk to me when I don't see the product in person. I was afraid the wood would be too red. I placed my order on World Market and couldn't wait to receive it! I mention a lot of Rifle Paper Co. products in the video, but I promise this post is not at all sponsored by them. Everything mentioned is purchased with my own money and everything purchased has its purpose. I love being intentional with my things and if you're a follower of mine you probably know this. If this video sparks any other idea or something you'd like to see/know, let me know! Anyway, enjoy the video! I'm so happy I finally got around to filming it!

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