Minimalist Living Room Tour

thriving in my space minimally and simply

A highly requested and anticipated video is finally live and its my living space tour! I’m honestly so proud of every piece I own and how my space has come together. I LOVE being home so its very important to me that I’m comfortable and pleased with whatever I’m surrounded by. It’s taken a few months to get everything to look the way it does. I wait to buy the pieces I’m sure I want and I don’t give into anything “just because.” I feel like in the long run, buying to buy affects me in a more negative way because since I don’t really love what I have it may prompt me to want to keep swapping pieces out. In other words, I don’t buy just to fill space. I believe in intentionality and practicality. Tuning into my style when it comes to interiors has helped me refine my taste in ways I thought were never possible. It has made me more comfortable with decision-making and it gives me a certain confidence I have never had. I’m excited for the future and look forward to a time I can buy a home and make it our own. Here are a few shots of my place- the video is better! haha