Several Sentences About Instagram

June 1, 2017

an acknowledgment and disclosure of a visual telling

I don't know at what point I let it lose all its fun for me... I'd say probably some time in the last 1.5 years or so. It's stupid, because its just a social platform, but I did get caught up in "feed aesthetics" and wouldn't post a certain photo because it didn't sit well next to the one that was already there. I'd go days at a time without posting because I got lazy and didn't have the energy to calculate a beautiful domino effect of photos. I sit here a little puzzled writing this, because if you know me, you probably know I can talk about pretty deep stuff and I should never really care to address this because in the grand scope of things its just so petty... but I guess in one way or another its reflective of a lot more than a simple platform where people post photos.
Everything feels, looks, is so staged  (for the most part) and that (to me) is what has made it lose its magic. It's no longer for fun, but for looks, for business, for people, for followers. There was a time where I posted freely, not worried about analytics, simply excited to share a photo, a memory.

I never, ever, ever want to give the impression that I have a perfect life with x amount of money, a perfect relationship, a smooth and airy motherhood journey. I'd never intend to. It's easy to get caught up (especially as a blogger who's been growing an audience for years) in the "what looks best" game. That's what screws everything up because it can take away from the authenticity (of course, if one lets it). I get that there's people making a brand out of themselves and have different strategies for their base, but I just want to take it back to basics. I don't want to actually think about if the photos compliment each other. I just want to post for the sake of time and the fact that looking back is really a beautiful thing when it coincides with my past.

Needless to mention, I'm obsessed with InstaStories, although Snapchat still has the best filters (lol), and I'm super obsessed with the saved button and how you can organize your saved posts in categories (almost like Pinterest). Game-changer for real! I follow so many clever people on there that literally inspire me daily. Something I figured through all this is the ones I'm most drawn to are the ones that post (still) authentically. Sharing moments of their every day lives and not staging every single shot so it looks like something out of a magazine. For that, I'll grab Porter with a cup of coffee. I love Stories because people are definitely more laid back on there and its almost like physically following people around from all over the world, with all different backgrounds.

I get the creativity aspect of it all and I, myself, wouldn't want to lose that. I just want to do it in a way that makes sense to me (same with this blog, but that's another topic). I'm going to pause the row of ootd's for now (and believe it or not, I have stressed this decision for several days). Maybe I'll come up with another way of sharing those *ahem, I always post them in my Story*, but the truth is A LOT was staged around a potential outfit photo and it just started to annoy me. I love the row of ootd sooo very much, especially because I truly dress so simply and its all modeled and visualized there.

But anyway, Instagram can definitely me one of the most inspiring places in the app world. You just have to find the right people and they don't have to necessarily post excess and extravaganza. If anyone follows me, I want it to be because they feel like it, because maybe they can relate, maybe I inspire, maybe they like my interiors or my words, maybe they see a potential friendship. I'd like for these things to be the basis of it all... not because I look like some "too-cool-of-a-person" far beyond their reach. I'm just another woman, sharing bits about her life.

PS. The book "Several Short Sentences About Writing" has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it is a treasure. If you like writing, you should give it a read!

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