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July 17, 2017

How I Woke Up One Day With Flawless Brows

JK. It took some time, care, and patience. I wasn't blessed with beautiful brows. I guess during my childhood years they were a dream because they were always pretty clean-looking due to how thin they naturally were. Groomed! Maybe groomed is a better word. They always looked kind of just done. That was always great until I got older and wanted to play with shape. It wasn't until my late teens to maybe early 20s that I thought, "Wow. I'd really like some bushy brows because then I could manipulate the shape and achieve what I so very much want!" Unfortunately, I'm genetically inclined to have less and thinner brows, but be still- there are ways to promote thick, healthy, full brows!


3 months ago I decided to search for a "brow lady" and stick with her to achieve my desired-look. I opt for threading (vs waxing) when removing my brow hairs. The threading method is an ancient hair-removal practice that originated in eastern cultures. There are no chemicals involved in the process and it is generally a good approach for sensitive skin. Our entire eye area is where we have the most sensitive skin, so you don't have to worry about any potential chemical reaction or skin damage. It also lasts longer! Your hair won't be back for another 3-4 weeks. I made it my mission to find someone who is excellent at what she does and going to her is like my tri-weekly treat!


Like any other hair and area of your body, you want to enhance its health. I never leave my brows out of my nightly beauty routine. I take a spooly and brush my hairs upwards and then saturate a Q-Tip with coconut oil and swap it right on. By doing this I'm conditioning, moisturizing, and growing my brow hairs. Coconut oil is packed with essential nutrients like vitamin E, iron, and many other saturated fatty acids that promote healthy, darker, thicker hair.


In the shot above, I photographed my brows prior to committing 100% to threading. You can see I had many sparse areas. My brows are a lot fuller now, but I still don't walk out the door with them bare. I have a few methods for giving the illusion of thicker brows and I don't use super expensive products to achieve this. With a brow pencil (NYX or Elf or any $1 brow-pencil thats shades lightly), I trace the hairs on my brows (especially near the front-end of my brow) and give it hair-like light strokes to mimic the actual hair surrounding the area. I follow the shape of my brow, never exactly "filling it", but just adding mimics of hair wherever necessary. The spooly is a great tool, because when I brush my hair upwards, I can see where there's any sparse or uneven areas. The pencil routine allows me to adjust the desired-shape. Powder, on the other hand, gives the brow a more natural and dense appearance. I usually skip powder if we're talking daily basis, but if I have a night out, I add this step to give my look more depth. The powder is stronger than the pencil because the product particles give the illusion of actual hair shade. I never use black, but the brown closest to it.

When all is done, I go back with the spooly and brush again to mix everything in for a seamless appearance. If I'm not in the mood for pencil, powder, or either, the Glossier Boy Brow never fails me. It's a holy grail for me on those off-days because it not only gives a hint of color, but it keeps the hairs intact.

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