Stuff I’ve Been Doing This Summer

redefining the idea of finding my place

Every summer is different. We either spend more time with ourselves or with those we love. We either stay home and relax or plan one or two getaways. This summer has been pretty chill for the most part, and before I anticipate the plans I have for the next few years I thought I would just soak and appreciate this season in my life, living in a relatively nice place, watching my son grow (he talks to me now), and in general spending a lot of time with myself. The end of July is approaching and in the last two months, I’ve done a few things that have shifted my routine a little. Some are super simple actions others are decisions that may promote significant changes in my life. 

cooking a lot more – I finally find this fun. I think its because I’m learning more and realizing the only way to get better at it is by practicing… rule of life, huh. The other day I made this lemon-pepper chicken dish and I couldn’t believe my hands created that. I usually post these on Insta-Stories.

letting my hair be – about 7 months ago I cut my hair the shortest it had ever been. It was a blunt bob that reached my jawline. I can’t say that I loved that specific length. I would much rather a one-length bob that passes my jawline but doesn’t touch my shoulders. That’s one of the best styles I’ve ever had! Not too short of a bob, but still a bob. It was sexy. I was happy and for the first time in a long time, confident. Since going too short, however, I think I got a little traumatized. The super short chop happened around December and it’s almost August and I haven’t cut my hair since. I don’t plan on it either. I’m growing it out and I’m also glad all that dead, chemically processed hair from when I went blonde is gone! Here’s to natural, long, dark brown hair!!! Also, I’m barely straightening it. I only straighten it if I have an event or something… otherwise, I wash it, let it air-dry, and rock it.

opting out of pants – it’s way too f*king hot. I’m over it.

wearing less and less makeup – The Glossier wave changed my life forever. I have NEVER been secure with little-to-no makeup. Ever. What a shame, right? But I’m so happy that has changed drastically in the last year in a half. I haven’t used foundation or a heavy base in SO long. Probably since around my last birthday which was almost a year ago. I use much lighter products now (if and when I do), otherwise, bare-faced it is.

not drinking because I freaking hate it and it’s time I just say No because I don’t want it, rather than yes because everyone else is doing it or because maybe (just maybe) I’d rather pass out. I hate alcohol. I really do. 

exploring interiors – most of you know I’ve been on fire with monochromatic interiors, designs, styles, and even wardrobe. I’ve been pondering on color as of late, thanks to a good friend I have who’s madly into patterns and bright hues (hi, Yeidi). We tag each other obsessively on different kitchens, walls, rugs, rooms, with unique textiles and patterns that really do not have your typical everyday style (like the stuff our parents usually opt for). I think the first urge of this crept up on me when I moved places and I found myself desperate for a colored wall. Even though the color was intense and dark, it was definitely a shift from what I had been used to (an all-white space). I grew tired of that quickly. After my move, I played around with texture to add balance to my home. I love looking into what others do with their space and seeing them in their element. 

reading – I’ve been hoarding books since my late teens and early 20s. Sometimes I buy more than I could read, but it’s cool. I’m reading a lot these days. I must have a physical book! I love the smell, the turning of the pages. I’m also madly obsessed with blogs. My husband always thinks I’m on my phone instagramming, but really I’m reading 92% of the time.