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October 29, 2017

NYC, Noah's long hair, ootd's, and outings

I wanted to share more bits of these last two seasons. I try to film stuff even if I don't post it for our personal memories. I found an SD card with a bunch of videos with Noah and his long hair. He also looks so tiny. I can honestly say I miss him that small- but I will never want him to stay "little forever." Lol. I shared more photos of my recent trip to NYC and got a little creative with how I edited the vlog. 

I haven't had a chance to make a sit down video regarding my transition into nursing school, but I will briefly post about that along with other ideas I have- like sharing how I study, study aids, and what I pack in my bag. Thanks to a poll I posted on my instaStory I know most of you are super interested. I have a different perspective and drive with how I want to post and do things here on my platforms. I'm so over staged-content and perfectionism. I'm aiming to document my journey, feelings, and thoughts... just like it use to be in the beginning. I'm really excited for all that there is to come. Enjoy this fast vlog!

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