What I’ve Been Drinking Lately

I believe it to be an acquired taste, but for the most part you either hate or you love the sweet nuttiness to it. I’ve never been much of a regular-water drinker (shame on me), but thankfully I looove coconut water and the many benefits it has for our bodies and skin. I’ve been on a water kick in general lately and have noticed an immeasurable difference on the appearance of my skin, energy, and appetite. There are many science-based health benefits to coconut water out there if you do some light research, but some I’ve found to be true is that it aids in weight loss, its a source of several nutrients, it has antioxidant properties, and it helps counteract high sodium levels.

In the winter our skin tends to dry-out and plain will do to have it replenished, but I feel like consistently taking in coconut water hydrates me in a more obvious manner. I also believe the health of my hair is due to my coconut water intake as well as coconut oil masks (another topic, but still coconut based LOL).

It is a healthy fat which is rich in triglyceride fats that help improve metabolism (this is the nurse in me typing), but seriously, it also helps clear the blood stream of cholesterol and aids in digestion. I found that my energy levels increased and I believe that’s due to the electrolytes found in it. Electrolytes are chemicals that form charged ions that help energize us on a biochemical level.

I’m not sure if coconut water has enough evidence to make it “healthier” than plain water, but to me its a more delicious form of taking it in. Sometimes I daydream about being in Dominican Republic and cracking open a baby coconut (the younger they are, the better) and sipping it straight like that. One day, my friends.

Stay hydrated.