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Albanery Maria is the content creator behind VOIR GRACE, a space dedicated to reviews, tips, and reflection.

The concept of VOIR GRACE was inspired by french term, voir (v-waH), which means to see. The objective being that the reader realizes him or herself through the lens of grace. Through journalistic excellence and desaturated photography, VG hovers beauty, personal style, lifestyle, interiors, and intentional parenting. Through reflective posts, VG aims to encourage you to live your life simply and purposely, taking a break from daily stressors every now and then- especially while you’re here!

Read about the blog and content overview to see what you can expect; a detailed description of post types and publishing times. VOIR GRACE is also on YouTube, as Albanery Maria, where you may find corresponding videos to some blog posts and occasional vlogs. Click here to subscribe!
formerly known as Gracefully, Alba | o6-2o16

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